Record Warmth Today, Snow Tomorrow: Introducing the Fake Spring, Super Punny Playlist

Is it just me, or is it getting, “Hot in Herre?”

I hope you’ve got your, “Daisy Dukes, bikinis on top,” at the ready, Capital Region, because if all goes according to the weather forecast, you and the crew might need to get in touch with your inner, “California Gurls,” break out the “Gin and Juice” (or ”Cherry Wine”), “Jump into the Fog” and rock that #ootd. Now, now, don’t be “Sun Shy.”

Not to worry, dudes, I’m sure there’s opportunity for you to go all, “Boys of Summer” on us, too, just remember: you might feel it in the air, but summer’s out of reach. That’s why it’s, “Time to Pretend.”

While we might not be “Walking on Sunshine” or actually catch a glimpse of “Mr. Blue Sky” there will be plenty of “Daylight” to go around, and we’re “Stayin’ Alive,” with temps soaring into the seventies, making this 21st day of February an extremely, “Lovely Day.” Possibly the warmest on record. “What’s Up?” with that, “Spirit in the Sky?” Oh right, Spirit’s the ultimate “Joker.”

I’ll speak for all of us and say this weather phenom is music to our ears, and what better way to celebrate, “The First Days of Spring,” than with a thematic playlist curated by yours truly. Keeping in tune with other playlists I’ve made, the songs that sung to me are ones with catchy titles, a summertime vibe, a few appropriate goodies taken from the Broadway musical, Spring Awakening, and artists with “Spring” in their name did not hide under the radar.

(I’m looking at you, Bruce), and “For What It’s Worth,” “Jessie’s Girl” makes an appearance, too. (Those songs are by Buffalo Springfield and Rick Springfield, c’mon guys, get on my level!). Even though snow may be in the forecast tomorrow, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” and just, ”Fake It” today.

Call me crazy, but I just think we’re all “Better Together” when the weather is on our side, and by that I mean being able to comfortably enjoy a beverage outside on a patio. That should warm your, “Cold Little Heart,” and I can definitely, “Doo Wop” to that.

In fact, that’s what the Two Buttons crew and I plan to do later today, for a little Hot Weather Happy Hour, the first of 2018. Will we find a patio to slay? “Send Me On My Way!” You won’t find, “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard,” but what you will find is me playing this mamma jamma and taking in all the, “Good Vibrations,” I can before the snow flies again tomorrow and I’m left wondering if it was all a dream… I used to read Word Up magazine…

Sure, we might be in Troy, NY, overlooking the over-caffeinated Hudson, but it will feel like we’re worlds away, sipping caipirinhas (pronounced kai-purr-REEN-yah) in “Brazil” or a Beach Boys’ approved, Jimmy Buffet-style frozen concoction in “Kokomo.” Why stop there – “Margaritaville,” anyone?! Don’t rain on our vacation parade Happy Hour, okay? The winter weather may make you a “Sour Girl,” but not today!

“Don’t Stop Believin’ ” that spring is on the way! Sure, four seasons of weather within a week may make you feel like a “Loser” for living in Upstate NY, but today, just stop and smell the proverbial “Roses,” and trust that after this stunt, Spring is well posed to fly in like a, “Wrecking Ball,” without notice! Until she officially arrives, Mother Nature is just being, “Cruel.”

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