Angry Orchard Jumps on the Rosé Cider Wagon, a Year Behind the Local Trendsetters at Nine Pin



I see you, Angry Orchard. The popular hard cider brand just announced they’ve jumped on the Rosé Cider trend that is taking over the Instagram accounts of 20-somethings across the country.


So, of course everyone is now freaking out and even more excited for spring because these beautiful “millennial pink” drinks (did you even know millennial pink was a real thing?) will be photographed on rooftop bars from NY to LA.


You all know the pic…

But I’m just a little salty about this sudden sensation because, well, it’s not sudden or even really that new. Our friends at Albany-based Nine Pin Cider Works are the defending champions of InStyle Magazine’s 2017 Drink of the Summer for their Cidré Rosé.

Give some love to the local! Angry Orchard is just a widely popular brand so this is going to take off in a way we can’t even fathom right now. What I am guessing will happen, however, is that the Nine Pin version will taste far superior, and everyone who can get their hands on Albany’s version will.

But then at the same time I sometimes have to wonder if these popular alcoholic beverages make their way to the front page of the #trending section because of the way it tastes or the way that it looks. Listen, we’re all a sucker for something aesthetically pleasing but if you’re getting buzzed on these baddies, you better actually like them. I don’t want to find out that anyone is buying a $13 cocktail or a case of these for the photo only, that is not acceptable.

Bur what do I care? I’m a Grigio Girl, anyways. You guys drink all the trendy drinks you want so I can make sure the Pinot Grigio supply will flow forever —more for me!


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