How Low Can You Go – South Carolina Proposed a Bill Banning Saggy Pants in Public

When anyone thinks of saggy pants, they think of a dangerous threat to humanity and a burden on American soil, obviously.


Well, maybe not everybody, but I guess South Carolina policymakers associate saggy pants with a doomed society (amidst more than all of the other political controversies in the air at the moment, school shootings, ring a bell?)

(NYP) If passed, House Bill 4957 would make it illegal for a person to wear pants “sagging more than three inches below his ileum,” according to the South Carolina Legislature’s website.

The exact wording of the bill is seemingly inaccurate, as the ileum refers to the lower end of the small intestine, according to the US National Library of Medicine. The ilium, meanwhile, is the widest of the three bones that form the pelvis.

Anyone found violating the law would face a $25 fine for a first offense, a $50 fine and up to three hours of community service for a second offense and a $75 fine and up to six hours of community service for subsequent violations.

As it turns out, the “ileum” is a part of the small intestine, while the “ilium” is the upper part of the hip bone. So technically, if this bill passes, everybody in the state of South Carolina will be fined for wearing pants. But there’s good news! A fine for those wearing pants “sagging more than three inches below his ileum” (let’s pretend they used the right bone) would not impede on financial aid applications for college and would not classify you as a criminal. Phew!

Of course, the policymakers deny that this bill is aimed toward minorities…

“It’s no more than a warning to allow these fellas to be more responsible,” Democratic Rep. Joe Jefferson told WLTX. “It is not just targeting African-American men. I see men of all races walking around with this same problem. It is just disingenuous, we should not have this. There ought to be a better way.”

A better way to what? Personally, I don’t find saggy pants very attractive, but c’mon, I mean, if a guy wants to sag his pants “more than three inches below his ileum,” he doesn’t really GAF about landing that job in the law firm, Joe.

Take Joshua for example.

“You can say what you want, I’m still gonna bust the sag,” Joshua Fortenberry of Myrtle Beach told KXAN. “I bust the sag every day.”

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