Adam Rippon May Have Reinvented What It Means to be One Button Deep


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Today: Stephen Colbert (The Late Show/CBS) hosts Reese Witherspoon and Olympic gold medalist Adam Rippon.

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During Reese’s bit, they brought out their next guest who Reese is a fangirl of, Adam Rippon. During his debut on the stage, he reveals that he lost a button on his (probably) ridiculously expensive Louis Vuitton hawaiian shirt, which is something our company will wear in 10 years when we’re worth millions. But for now, we shop at Wal-Mart to look good.


Anyways, for those who don’t understand the concept of going “two buttons deep” here’s a quick breakdown for ya;

0 buttons deep: The least fun time of the day, on your way to work/school/all buttoned up and ready to be on your best behavior.

1 button deep: You’re a little loosened up, maybe on your way home, lunch break, or with people you like while you tackle your responsibilities for the day.

2 buttons deep: the part of the day you look forward to the most. Happy hour, dinner with your family, whatever environment puts you in your best state of mind, that’s being two buttons deep.

3 buttons deep: Is stuff best left off the internet.

Anyways, Adam comes onto The Late Show and explains how he’s missing a button. A button in the middle of his shirt exposing his belly. It’s a new type of one button deep, but we’re open to accepting it.

But hey, Adam, you know whose shirts won’t lose buttons before your big debut on late night television? Wal-mart.

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