International Women’s Day: A New Playlist and Why Spotify is Now More Gender-Balanced

I am woman, hear me roar (because you probably don’t want to hear me sing).

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is a day when females around the globe are celebrated for their achievements and successes, irrespective of their ethnic, linguistic, economic, or political backgrounds, all while remembering that gender inequality is still pervasive around the world.

To audibly honor the occasion, I’ve assembled a Spotify playlist featuring awesome female artists to help us get our Girl Power on (you better believe the Spice Girls are on there), but I’m not the only one who wants to ensure your earbuds and playlists aren’t being denied great music by women who rock.



Spotify partnered with Smirnoff to launch a new tool in support of International Women’s Day 2018 that maps out a user’s listening habits by gender, and could change how you listen to music. The “Smirnoff Equalizer,” is a new extension that shows the gender breakdown of the artists you listen to on the platform.

In addition to showing the percentage of female vs. male musicians you stream, the extension generates an “equalized” playlist with a more balanced gender breakdown for those who skew male-heavy.

According to a press release, it comes in response to the lack of female representation in Spotify’s 2017 Year in Music statistics. The 10 most-streamed tracks, for example, included just two songs featuring female artists.

Spotify’s latest tool is a step in the right direction when it comes to music, and I think the equalizer is a pretty cool concept in terms of gender equality and expanding your musical tastes.





How do you feel?

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