Upstate Update: Weatherman G is a Weather Pyschic

When it comes to weather, trust a G…Weatherman G. Sources say this man, this myth, this legend of this sorcery resides in Averill Park or Latham and has a Facebook account, and nothing more, except…THIS MAN IS A WEATHER PSYCHIC.


I really just want to express my love and gratitude, as you may know, I have an extreme distrust for the modern day weather man, but this guy is the real deal.

A co-worker had said something that really resonated with me while discussing the man, the myth, the legend, Weatherman G:

“You know, these weathermen on TV probably aren’t really required to be the best weathermen in the world, I wouldn’t say they’re judged mainly off their ability to predict the weather, but more so their ability to deliver a fluent weather report on TV, which would be more honed in on speaking well and giving a good presentation.

An underground weatherman like WEATHERMAN G is solely focused on the storm and nothing else. He doesn’t need a nice suit, just think, if we only let the NHL players with full sets of teeth play, hockey players skills wouldn’t be held to such high standards.”

Brilliant statement Pete, shoutout to you my friend. Anyway, Weatherman G predicted the latest storm by a long shot. Amongst the proclaimed prestigious weathermen of the capital region such as Bob Kavochick, Steve Caporizzo, Paul Caiano, and that creepy looking dude on channel 9 who updates different weather patterns every 9 minutes just to beat out the 10-minute competitor and posts an array of different statistics just to be able to look back at their one out of 100th shot and say they made it.

People are losing faith, it’s obvious.


After being spot on storm after storm I can’t help but believe that the weathermen of the Capital Region are beginning to peep the undeniable game Weatherman G possesses.


The last storm everyone was tip toeing around their minuscule predictions of accumulation while Weatherman G was telling us to stay indoors and be weary of power outages and falling tree branches due to the heavy and 8+ inch snow totals he predicted, let me rephrase…. the 8+ inch snow totals he KNEW WERE COMING BECAUSE THE MAN IS THE GOD DAMN NOSTRADAMUS OF FROZEN PRECIPITATION. You can’t tell me these other meteorologists didn’t hear through the grapevine of the underground king that is WEATHERMAN G.

All of a sudden these guys want to start throwing out exponential potential totals, I just seen Steve Caparizzo changed his prediction from a couple inches to 3 FEET…seems a bit vague Steve-O.


Who can we count on for consistency? A G, ladies and gents, an absolute G. Weatherman G has yet to be blatantly wrong with his ORIGINAL predictions. He sticks to his guns and has been slinging precise predictions for a minute now.

He has recently spoke about his rapid rise in popularity, which was solely due to quality, accurate weather predictions, and he’s both happy and humble people are taking note.


Weatherman G will be selling merch, YES! Bet your frozen ass I will be rocking a Weatherman G T-shirt while sipping coffee out of my Weatherman G coffee mug. You should too. Support the G Follow the G.


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