Matt and Kim is the Must See Band of 2018


I wrote back in January that Matt and Kim were coming to the Capital Region as they kick off their 2018 tour. There was no way I’d miss this show, well…. I almost did because it sold out in the presale before the other presale anddd before the presale that I tried to purchase tickets in. So I bought tickets on StubHub and paid way more than I should. But let me tell you this. It was worth it.


This tour is a little bit different for them, Kim suffered a torn ACL in 2017 which ended their tour. So this specific tour they wanted to make it extra special by playing in venues that they aren’t accustomed to playing in. They requested places that were “hot, sweaty, and disgusting”. Well, tonight’s venue was The Hollow which normally is a fantastic place to see a show, we certainly made it “that” by the end of the night.

They didn’t have to do this, they could have played at any other venue in the area. Ones that are 100xs bigger than The Hollow and made a shitload more money in the process. I say as the fan, thank you for this night. Does it suck that only a certain amount of people could attend, yes it does. But for the select few that saw tonights performance, you’ll remember this one.

They were saying the entire night that they were worried about performing, especially Kim because she’s coming off of surgery. I can safely state you started the night throwing about a 97 MPH fastball, you ended the night throwing 101 MPH. With Matt’s brother and parents on hand for your performance, you played and sounded like the band I fell in love with back in 2012. Fact back in 2012 when I saw you, you were literally outside on the street just feet away from where you performed tonight.

Do yourself a favor….go see this band this year. Especially these types of small shows. Its an experience you won’t want to miss out on. I want to thank 102.7 WEQX for yet again bringing another fantastic artist to the area. I also want to thank The Hollow. I certainly want to thank Matt and Kim for another epic night.


You heard it here first. See you soon.

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