We Need a New Clown Car: Volkswagen to Stop Production of the Infamous Beetle



The popular German automaker, Volkswagen (or as the cool kids call it, VW) announced they will soon stop production on the infamous Volkswagen Beetle car. The quirky style has been popular since 1938 when it first arrived on the automobile scene and is known for its unique, rounded features and bright color offerings. Pretty sure it came with a flower on the dashboard, too. Groovy AF.


If this news sounds familiar, it’s because they initially discontinued the Bug in 2003 and then brought it back to life in 2011, according to Fortune. But at this point, VW feels like they can’t continue to tweak the classic style and keep reinventing the wheel, literally, so they’re calling it quits for good (or for now).

But if I had to guess, regular people probably aren’t too broken up about this. I always thought this was just a silly car reserved for the oddballs and clowns of the world. And no I don’t just mean weirdos, I mean actual clowns. It’s a clown car isn’t it?


You never drove by a Volkswagen Beetle on the highway over the age of 9 and said, “Wow, sweet ride.” Instead, you’d perhaps think about what went wrong in that person’s life when they decided they wanted to cruise around in a lime green car that is so recognizable you could never sneak out of town or go to a lame movie at matinee after calling in sick from work.

The lovers of this vehicle should say there can be too much of a good thing, am I right? So fans should be happy this weird little whip is being retired, making theirs more precious and securing their spot in the quirky club for all of eternity. For those of us out here with our Honda Accords and Jeep Cherokees, the roadways will be clear and we will all blend in just a little bit more, which is a good thing if you have a lead foot like me.

But the clowns, where will the clowns go? I guess a Mini Cooper will have to do…


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