Albany, Shaker, Shenendehowa and More Local School Districts Will Participate in National School Walkout to Support Parkland, FL Victims and Stricter Gun Laws

Students are the ones teaching all of us grown ups a lesson in 2018. After the devastation from the Valentine’s Day shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead and many others injured, it was the last straw for many students who have now decided to take charge of the issue and start speaking out for positive change.


Students in Montgomery County, MD (Photo: FOX News)

It was first the Parkland survivors themselves who stood up and went straight to Tallahassee, the state capital, for answers on how their state can make their schools safer. And now students across the country, including many right here in Upstate NY, are planning to attend walkouts and participate in events that show their support for stricter gun laws and more security in schools across the nation.


Tomorrow, March 14 at 10AM, students from over 1,000 schools will prepare to walk out in observance of the National School Walkout, according to NBC News. While this is a peaceful protest and a unified event across the country, some local schools are publicly noting they do not support a student walking out of the school for any reason, and instead have prepared other in-school events students can attend.


A statement from Shenendehowa School District in regards to the March 14 walkout reads as follows (via

March 14: Student leaders are determined to focus their efforts on the April 20th event and will not be organizing a walk-out. Instead, the high school will be making announcements this week about Parkland including honoring the 17 victims. Students will be asked to build connections by saying “hello” to at least 17 new people and making 17 people smile. At 10 a.m. there will be a moment of silence. Parkland will be recognized and each of the victims’ names will be read by a student. The Senate is looking to have a banner printed at Staples with the Shen logo and a message for Parkland that students can sign at lunch.

The NBC News list of schools participating in the event includes: Ballston Spa, Shenendehowa, Albany, Tech Valley, Saratoga Springs, Scotia Glenville, Troy and Voorhessville.

I appreciate the schools coming up with alternative options to walking out and playing a little hooky while standing up for a good cause. It’s about time faculty and leadership face these issues head on and actively participate in a dialogue with their students. When I was in school, I feel like the dicey topics were a huge no-no and you just pushed stuff under the rug if it was even the least bit controversial because you knew speaking out could get you in trouble.

So, even for the students who don’t have the balls (for lack of a better word) to walk out of school, they can feel like they’re helping make a difference by showing support for Parkland by signing a poster to send their way and in the meantime making their own school community a happier, safer place. Whether you walk out or stay in, finally these issues are being acknowledged one baby step at a time.

Students are running the world in 2018 and they’re ready to make waves and help create serious change –I love that. For all of you out there who only see a bunch of teens glued to their smartphones, keep in mind they are passionate, smart and caring kids out there who know what’s going on in this world is seriously wrong, and they want to be the ones who can change it.

Keep an eye out for more related content as we’ll be sending Krissi to her school’s event tomorrow and getting her take on how it goes down.

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