Teenagers Are Mad About Snow Days Because of Losing “Snapstreaks”


Snapchat is most definitely making teens more antisocial. And yes, I am a teen telling you this.

In light of recent Nor’easters resulting in snow days and power outages across the Capital Region and entire Northeast, many kids and teens are breaking out in hives due to the fact they are losing their “Snapstreaks” due to lost WiFi. As a teen in high school who (obviously) uses Snapchat, it’s so easy to see how my peers are affected by social media, and how nervous it makes me for the future.

For those who don’t know what a Snapstreak is, here’s some FAQ info right from the social media outlet:

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 4.19.39 PM


I’m by no means claiming to be above every Snapchatting millennial, I mean c’mon, my longest streak to date is 653 days. TBH, I keep that very streak just to see if I’ll ever reach a number so high that I’ll come across a glitch in the system and Snapchat will award me a few thousand bucks. But I don’t lose friendships and have panic attacks over lost streaks like the majority of teenagers (and maybe even kids).

It seems like an everyday occurrence that Snapchat passwords are being shared among friends, so if one loses their phone as a punishment or cannot be reached because of a vacation/power outage, the others can maintain their streaks in the meantime.

How ridiculous??! When you’re a teen, you can lose a friend in a matter of seconds, and the next thing you know that “friend” could use that password to hack any other form of social media. Be smarter, people.


TFW you just gave all your passwords away.

Teens bug out whenever a teacher confiscates their phone due to excessive usage. Saying it’s, “illegal to steal a student’s belongings” as the student begs to keep in in their possession, but keep it turned off (which is total BS, by the way…they’ll continue to use it, just in a sneakier fashion). Honestly, teens/kids should see their phone being taken away as a blessing, not a curse. Taking your eyes off your phone for a mere hour is soothing. It’s healthy! In fact, you’re not less connected, you’re more connected to the world around you when you unplug for a hot sec.

Let’s take these snow days as a warning call from Mother Nature. Set your phones, laptops, tablets, whatever technology you use down and just take a minute to debrief and breathe. Oooooh, maybe even read a book. Seems like those things are archaic now.


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