United Airlines Keeps the Bad Press Train Rolling After Killing a Bulldog Puppy by Stuffing it in the Overhead Bin

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This is the second day in a row I’ve had to come on here and report bad news about animal abuse. I hate it.

This kind of story isn’t why we’re building up Two Buttons Deep. This is supposed to be an outlet for good news –stuff you’re suppose to talk about when you’re Two Buttons Deep with your friends. Most of the time I get my ideas based on what people are talking about at the bar, and you know what I heard at the bar last night?

Bar patron: “Did you hear about United?”

Me: “Oh god, what?”

Bar patron: “They did it again…”

Me: “They kicked another 12-year-old girl off the plane for wearing leggings?!?!?!”

Bar patron: “Worse.”

Me: “They overbooked then knocked out an Asian doctor while dragging him off the plane again?”

Bar patron: “Way worse.”


Bar patron: “You know what, I can’t even say it. Just check Twitter.”

So, I checked Twitter and to my heart’s dismay, I found this:


It’s like this company feens for bad press. Like, how in the world does a trained flight attendant not know whether or not overhead compartments have oxygen for a living, breathing animal? This shouldn’t be a game time decision to stuff a pup in the overhead bin. It’s either yes, living things have gone in the overhead bin or no. Instead why be like, “I’m gonna risk your dogs life simply because inconveniencing you on this very expensive mode of transportation gives me pleasure.”

United went with the latter.

Poor doggo, poor family and everyone around them on the plane who had to watch and listen to a dog die firsthand at the expense of some schmuck airline flight attendants.







Besides the fact that the crying selfie is a little much, the point is that United Airlines is comin’ for ya. Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, hide yo’ doctors and your bulldogs because there’s more bad PR to be had, and United is coming for it. Clearly they have few plans to change or improve, so if you haven’t already decided to boycott them after all their past slip ups, it’s time to boycott them now. Don’t come after the dogs. Don’t do it.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 9.06.33 AM

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