Stop Making Fun of People With Accents, They’re Actually Smarter Than You

I recently watched/listened to a podcast featuring the wise and great Yoel Romero, a Cuban MMA fighter who is the top ranked contender in the UFC.

Most of the time this man’s intelligence is undermined simply by the fact his English is imperfect. Thankfully he had the GOD, Uncle Joey Diaz @madflavor, translate for him. This brought to light the fact this man is a beyond determined individual, a man of faith who accredits his extreme devotion to hard work to God, hence his fight nickname, “Soldier of God.”


Let’s think for a second, his ENGLISH is imperfect, meaning, the OTHER LANGUAGE HE SPEAKS, because he’s a BILINGUAL individual, is fluent.

Can you speak another language?

If you can, good for you. If no, and you’ve poked fun at Yoel, shut up.

This man has grown up speaking a particular language and dialect, then has had to transfer that message to another language –do you realize the focus it takes to do something like this? I tried Rosetta Stone for a week, tried to speak Italian to impress my grandmother…I almost threw the laptop at the wall.

We need to realize language is simply a form of transferring a message and there were times where that didn’t even exist. There were times people communicated simply by tones and body language, which is still some of the truest forms of communication.

As Americans, a lot of people look at people who can’t decipher their language as good as they can as less intelligent. That notion alone qualifies you as a certified, qualified, dumbass.

If you meet someone with an accent and they struggle to communicate with you, you as well, struggle to communicate with them. They are devoting their energy to appease you and speak the form of noise that makes sense to you. Did you do the same? Probably not, so stop undermining the brilliance and cognitive ability it takes to convey a message through a different dialect or language.

I could go on and on, but I’ll save that for a Just A Minute Video. Stay tuned for that, you judgmental humans. Lesson learned, right folks?

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