Thanks to Lil Dicky and Chris Brown, I Will Never Think About ‘Freaky Friday’ the Same Way Ever Again

Dammit, pop culture! I feel like us 90s babies/2000s tweens are getting our hearts broken every week out here on the wild, wild World Wide Web. Last week it was the rise and fall of now-famous internet meme Patrick Star, and this week I’m watching the memories of one of my favorite movies fade away into the super graphic, totally TMI lyrics of Lil Dicky and Chris Brown’s new song, Freaky Friday.

Freaky Friday

Now, this post is only going to make sense to you if your ears have had the displeasure of listening to this new release. It might sound catchy at first, ’cause the beat ain’t all that bad, but the lyrics alone make me want to wash MY mouth out with soap. You will have to Genius them on your own because they do not pass the 2BD code of conduct.

There’s an unnecessary amount of cursing, a lot of yeah, you guessed it, lil dick(y) references and when you listen without any visual aids (not that kind, ya weirdo) it literally makes no sense at all. I was horrified to hear the words ‘Freaky Friday’ mixed in this track, since when someone my age thinks about Freaky Friday, we picture Lindsay Lohan rocking out with her band in the garage after school.


And the title of the song is no coincidence, of course. Yup, these musical artists purposely set out to ruin Disney’s take on the phrase and turn it into a song about Lil Dicky and Chris Brown switching bodies, in the same exact fashion as Anna Coleman (Lindsay Lohan) and her mom, Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) did in 2003.

This storyline has been going on since 1976 in the first adaptation of the film, and I can PROMISE you the creators did not imagine the 2018 version of this becoming what it has become. I will say, once you watch the music video it makes a little more sense –and is actually kind of funny, I guess. Still gross though, and still ruining my childhood memories.

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