Axe Throwing is Apparently Trendy Now and I Don’t Know if I’m Trendy Anymore


You guys might think I am not particularly sporty, and if you thought that, you’d be…kind of right. But, I like to break the habit of doing some intense people watching slash, “Do you think they’re on a first date?” and swap it out with a good bar game every now and then. I’m decent at darts, terrible at billiards but open to workin’ on my game, until I heard of this terrifying new trend that is apparently all the rage in Hipster City USA, AKA Brooklyn, NY.

It’s axe throwing.


What?! Axe* throwing…at a bar? This sounds downright dangerous, people. Have you ever been to an old school joint that still has the heavy metal darts and the cork dart board? I stay far away from that, too, because no one needs to mix pointy objects with gin and tonics. So, at first glance I am OUT on throwing axes in social settings.

But, of course this is a popular thing to do at a bar because it is supervised and probably a little fun once you get the hang of it. Here’s a little more info from a recent New York Times article:

This sporting club has 10 metal-caged ax ranges in which groups of up to 10 are assigned an “ax-pert” who, in addition to providing basic throwing lessons, goes through safety guidelines that separate axes from alcohol (no drinks on the range) and people from targets (all ax retrieval happens at the same time, so no one is throwing).

See, no drinks on the range! I guess it’s safe. But, guess what? The axes are heavy (as you’d imagine) but at least the goal is pretty simple –it’s very similar to darts in that you want to throw the axe and have it really stick in there (the target). You’ve got your ax-pert at hand to help you through it for the first 10-15 minutes and then you and your crew are on your own to play games and compete like the country twang Brooklyn hipsters you are.


Oh yeah, that’s the other reason why I know I’m out on this: the NYT says the unofficial dress code is “country casual” consisting of flannel shirts and grungy jeans. I would not fit in, but luckily if you’re not into slingin’ axe you can play shuffleboard, archery or even try your hand at rock climbing.

So, if this is a trend I don’t know if I’m trendy anymore, and that will likely make me the minority as these bars/entertainment spaces will soon be popping up all over the map, replacing the laser tags and mystery rooms(?) of malls across America.

*PS: Some articles are calling it ax throwing, and others are calling it axe throwing to go along with the names of these establishments like Kick Axe Throwing. I prefer the latter and I am rolling with it, don’t judge, grammar police.


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  1. Jane Gealy

    I recently posted some photos of when my partner did this in the UK. Our event was held outside and you can see from the photos how cold it was – it looks far more appealing indoors, not sure about combining it with alcohol though!


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