Bob Saget Proposed to His Girlfriend While Watching an Episode of Stranger Things

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Today: Jimmy Fallon interviews comedian and actor Bob Saget.

Saget was on The Tonight Show promoting Season 4 of Fuller House, which absolutely shocks me that this show is in its fourth season already. I was one of the 14.4 million viewers who tuned in for the legendary sitcom relaunch on Netflix in 2016. I figured after the first episode there would be maybe 0.1 million still watching. I thought it STUNK and so did Saget apparently, who admitted he’s shocked it made it this far.

So somehow the show is still around, which is honestly only a good thing because that means Bob Saget is still around getting his slice of the spotlight. He’s aged finely into the seasoned Hollywood man who’s chin says 60 but hair says, Just for Men. Saget also followed the classic Hollywood rule where you marry someone half your age + 7, which means he would be married to someone his daughter’s age. That’s the Danny Tanner we’ve grown to know and love, right?

Anyway, he proposed to this young chicklet while watching an episode of Stranger Things, making Bob Saget the first person who has ever paused an episode of Stranger Things to do anything. Of all things, pausing the show is what really shows his age. All of this sounds extraordinarily underwhelming, but I’m sure it will work out because all Hollywood cross-generation marriages always work out just fine (financially).

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