Soft Serve Review – Bumpy’s Polar Freeze

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We’re kicking off the summer (OK it’s not summer yet, but bear with us) with a new segment reviewing every soft serve joint we can find around the Capital Region. Of course I’m not the first person to review food nor will I be the last, but soft serve is a staple to the 518 and I’m gonna be a man of the people and give honest reviews so you can be in the know of where to go.

We will be ordering a small chocolate and vanilla twist for every review, where a score of 1-10 will be based on three crucial criteria that makes up the best (or worst) soft serve cone depending on the score:

1. Size: The cone should be the size of my hand from top to bottom. No bigger, no smaller.

2. Durability: Is there anything worse than having poorly made ice cream fall off while you’re eating it? So, we’re going to flip the ice cream cone on its side and see if it passes a three-second durability test.

3. Taste: Of course it’s gotta taste good to earn a good score.

Today, we hit Bumpy’s Polar Freeze right outside of downtown Schenectady on State Street. And let me tell you, it was a polar freeze, and I wasn’t entirely impressed.

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