To Hop on the #DeleteFacebook Bandwagon, the Elon Musk Bandwagon, Or Both

Ever since Facebook’s scandal with Cambridge Analytica earlier this month, Elon Musk and other big guys in the tech biz are campaigning to #DeleteFacebook and it’s making me consider bandwagoning TBH.

If you’re unfamiliar, Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, came under fire last week when documents surfaced proving that Facebook was selling personal information to Cambridge Analytica (a political consulting firm) leading up to the 2016 election. Facebook claimed it was for academic purposes, however, Cambridge Analytica has a lot of cash that they like to use for their benefit in political elections.


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Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla, (apparently???) has been in a feud with Mark Zuckerberg for quite some time, clashing on topics like space exploration and technology, but this is the first I’ve ever heard of it.

For example, Musk warns people of the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and sees a dystopia type future where it can, “start wars and people will become house cats.” Zuckerberg fired back and sees the progression in A.I. as a wonderful thing that will go onto help others and help to advance technology and the presence of technology more rapidly.


And, to make matters worse, Zuckerberg totally called Musk out indirectly.

A bit from the New York Times on the subject:

“When the Facebook chief executive was asked about Mr. Musk’s warnings around artificial intelligence during a Facebook Live broadcast in 2017, he called Mr. Musk a “naysayer.” That’s an insult in a technology world that celebrates perpetual optimism.

“With A.I. especially, I’m really optimistic,” Mr. Zuckerberg said. “People who are naysayers and kind of try to drum up these doomsday scenarios — I just, I don’t understand it. I think it’s really negative and in some ways I actually think it is pretty irresponsible.”

Seeing as Elon Musk has one of my favorite Twitter accounts of all time, of course, I was paying close attention when a barrage of tweets coming after Zuckerberg came about.

Turns out, after the Cambridge Analytica story surfaced, Musk deleted both Facebook pages for his companies, following the lead of many other tech execs. It’s the worst PR Facebook has gotten in a veeeery long time.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 7.54.35 AM

Here’s how the Twitter rant went down (NYT):

“The tech luminary began by criticizing Sonos, a maker of wireless speakers, which had pulled some ads from Facebook for a week.”

“Wow, a whole week. Risky…,” Mr. Musk tweeted in response to a news article about Sonos’s move.

A minute later, he replied to Brian Acton, the founder of WhatsApp, which Facebook had acquired for $19 billion several years ago. Mr. Acton, who has since left Facebook, had on Wednesday called for people to “#deletefacebook.”

“What’s Facebook?” Mr. Musk replied to Mr. Acton. Then Mr. Musk announced he would shut down the SpaceX and Tesla pages. He said the Tesla Facebook page “looks lame anyway.”

OK, maybe I’m having deja vu to when one girl in middle school claimed Silly Bandz were “out of style” so I gave all mine away the next day, or maybe Elon Musk is onto something here.

Recently, it seems that protests are deemed necessary when social injustice occurs, and I’d say Facebook giving away private information of 50 million users to aid Donald Trump is not very socially just.

I’m not sure if I’ll hop on the #DeleteFacebook bandwagon, seeing as I just got mine a few months ago, but I’ll definitely try to be more like Musk and call out major BS when I see it. That’s what a real tech boss would do.

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