Dunkin’ Donuts Announces Sneaker Collab with Saucony for the Boston Marathon


Photo: Popsugar

I guess it was time to put Dunkin’ Donuts signature catch phrase into action, since well, how can America Run on Dunkin’ when we’re usually driving thru it?


And what better way to hammer in a tagline than to partner with a major sneaker brand, Saucony, and release a super fun special edition brand of sneaks just in time for one of New England’s finest, most historic events –the Boston Marathon.

New Englanders love nothing more than sports and Dunkin’ Donuts, so this is a match made in sneaker collab heaven. They couldn’t have done this without combining DD’s signature pink and orange colors, and even though we all know that is not the most desirable combo to be wearing on your feet, it somehow works.



Photos: SAUCONY (via Delish)

I mean come on, the details here are ON POINT. Even the inside of the shoe is decorated with a hot cup o’ joe! This is a beautiful sneaker if I do say so myself, as someone who loves donuts and hates to run. So for me, the love is definitely there, but something about this makes me think the target audiences of the two brands are just going to be a little different. Is anyone going to buy these?

Luckily, there’s only 2,000 pairs for sale at just $110, so if it’s a flop, they don’t need to send 30K pairs to a third-world country like we do with the t-shirts of the losing Super Bowl team. But, if you know “sneaker heads” (a very weird term most of us girls can use to describe our ex-boyfriend from high school) they will probably eat this collab right up and there will be a new viral video trend of people literally trying to run through the drive thru from now on.

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