WTEN Makes The Greatest Hire in Local News Since Ron Burgundy

I’m a big local news guy. Part of our job here at 2BD is absorbing all the local news we can so we can pick and choose which stuff is actually worth talking about here on our platform.

With that, we get to know a love many of the local personalities, including but not limited to John Craig. John Craig is by far my favorite, he’s a HUGE underdog on channel 13 and anybody who doesn’t recognize that can unfriend me right now.

John Craig is full of electricity and deserves to be a star. The fact they chose Asa Sackel to become morning anchor over John Craig is the reason local news is a dwindling medium. It seems like every day a local outlet is announcing a disappointing departure or shake-up to their lineup, but not yesterday…Yesterday WTEN (channel 10) announced a new reporter who may be the greatest hire in local news since Ron Burgundy (or John Craig).

His name is Bishop. Just Bishop.

THIS is what local news needs. It’s always been “arrest, arrest, murder, fire, fundraiser for family who lost everything, arrest, weather, Steve Caparizzo’s Pet Connection!”

It seems like they finally realized what was clicking. The people want dogs!!!! People have had enough bad news, it’s time for good news, and that’s why there’s Two Buttons DeepWTEN’s new anchor, Bishop.

Bishop is a good boy who can only tell good news. Enough of thew Fake New epidemic, let’s let dogs take over the local outlets and watch the world transform one bark at a time…

Wait, I just read the entire caption and found out this was an April Fools joke, or as they say, FAKE NEWS!!!! Sad!

donald trump GIF-downsized_large.gif

Hey Bishop, we’ll hire you over at 2BD with a salary of treats, just give us a bark.

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