Dr. Evil Returns After Being Fired from Trump’s Cabinet

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He’s back, yeah baby yeahhhhh!!!


Last night, Mike Myers was on the Tonight Show and returned with the Dr. Evil cameo we’ve all been waiting for. It’s been 15+ years since the last Austin Powers movie (some of our readers might not even know what Austin Powers is), but Myers picked up the character like it was yesterday and dropped the best Don Jr. joke I have ever heard.

I’m gonna go ahead and say Austin Powers is one of the best movies in comedic history. Will there ever be such a legendary franchise with the antagonist and protagonist played by the same person? Absolutely not.

I remember seeing Goldmember at an inappropriately young age at the movie theater and there was the highest decibel of laughter I have ever experienced in the room. I didn’t even understand the jokes or innuendos, but it has stuck with me today that it must have been the funniest movie of all time (I have since watched and can confirm).

How this video isn’t trending across the entire internet is beyond me, but I can only pray that this is just a test of the water for an Austin Powers 4.


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