Hard Fact: Schenectady Has The Worst Pizza in the Capital Region

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There are three businesses you are guaranteed to find in every small town across America: A gas station, a liquor store and a pizza joint. Pizza is the backbone of Americans who don’t care enough about their loved ones. Throw some peppers on it and you have your serving of vegetables, kids.

The best part about pizza is that there’s no such thing as bad pizza, right? Some pizza is just better than others. I mean, even Lunchables pizza is good. Even though it’s just some weird science experiment in a plastic tray that’s ready to survive the apocalypse, it’s still pizza, and it’s not bad!


Many people like to put pizza rankings to the test, while most hold true to their local joint. But Albany has spoken once and for all as our dearly trusted Albany Times Union announced their “Best Of” series, which included the best of the Capital Region’s pizza.

The top 5 in the area, according to TU voters:

1. Kay’s Pizza – Averill Park, N

2. DC’s Pizza – Albany, NY

3. Red Front – Troy & Clifton Park

4. I Love New York – Hoosick Street, Troy

5. Romeo’s – Albany, NY

So, the official top 5 dropped and no places on the list included any places from Schenectady which is zero shock to me. Why? Because Schenectady pizza joints STINK. How do I know this and why do I bring this up? Because we recently went on a “tour-de-slice” where we went to find the best slice in Schenectady and what did we learn? The electric city has no electricity at all (pizza wise…they do have power, though).

Allow our own Katie show you what we found to prove this “hard fact” of mine:

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  1. DW

    Hands down Defazios in Troy has the best pizza!

  2. KingOfBeacon

    Red Front is an abomination to pizza. Worst I’ve ever had. And I Love NY Pizza of Troy > I Love NY Pizza.


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