William Shatner Got Roped into the “Where Is Upstate New York?” Debate That Two Buttons Deep Has Already Solved

William Shatner, otherwise known as Star Trek’s Captain Kirk, was recently roped into the roundabout debate of where Upstate New York begins, even though Two Buttons Deep already got to the bottom of this back in summer 2017.

BUDDY. First of all, Albany is definitely Upstate. That is a fact we have assured by the ruling of our own judgement. We can’t count just the north country as Upstate, or else nobody in the world will care about it.

We need Albany in there and it’s not just because we’ve based our whole Two Buttons Deep M.O. as being based in Upstate New York, but because we need to band together and agree on that fact that everything north of Westchester is Upstate. New York City takes all the pride of our name, and we need every ounce of farmland, suburb and Stewart’s to come together and make Upstate worth talking about.

The, “Where does Upstate begin?” debate has been around longer than anybody reading this. And the only thing New York politicians and legislators from both sides of the aisle can agree on is that they have no idea either. Heck, this is the official state map they produced when pressed on the issue:


We even addressed Albany’s own Mayor, Kathy Sheehan, who weighed in with a peculiar answer when Two Buttons Deep went above and beyond to get to the bottom of this issue.

Also, Cynthia Nixon just claimed that Upstate starts in Ithaca and that should actually disqualify her from running for Governor. That is the first answer I can definitively say is wrong.

Let us know what you think…where DOES Upstate NY begin?

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  1. momlkc

    Great post!!!

  2. KingOfBeacon

    Capital Region is central/mid-state, or, just plain old Capital Region.

    • UnknownUser

      Did you not read the article?



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