Introducing the Newest Member of the 2BD Squad…John Longton III – Writer, Dealer

Let me just start out by saying that I’m hyped to join the Two Buttons Deep team and Im excited to get started, but before I do, I’m sure most people will probably wonder, “Who’s this John guy?”


I’m a radio personality, student at the University at Albany, sports editor to the Albany Student Press, voice of the Albany Patroons, and also run a website called which you will get pieces of here on 2BD. But I’m not just those things, I’m also a hustler. I wait tables, too, by the way. Let me try and put this next part into layman’s terms.

I live a life that I did not choose, rather it chose me. It’s long days, late nights and a lot of sketchy situations. I make my real money by conducting business on street corners, in public restrooms and at local watering holes.

I provide my customers with a product that they simply cannot get over the counter. Sometimes it’s too much for them to handle, but my customers can’t get enough of what I have. My phone rings off the hook and I have no choice but to take the call…

I, John Charles Longton III am a dealer. Not just any dealer. A beef jerky dealer. The best beef jerky on the face of the earth.


My beef is certified angus and I have the highest quality product on the market. I understand that my product comes from the flesh of other living beings and is a part of the circle of life. Because of this, I paid homage and respectfully named my company Circle Jerk Enterprises LLC.

My path has been on a collision course with Two Buttons Deep and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. In the meantime, if anyone needs any beef jerky get ahold of me on Instagram @JLongtonIII.


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