Just A Minute: Big Trucks, Little Guys

What’s up with these guys in big lofted trucks driving so aggressively? Man, that’s a vehicle, and unless you have legitimate use for that vehicle outside the fact you want to rev your engine and feed your ego with diesel fumes, you’re kind of a jerkoff.

See, my cousin Dave is a gravel worker and he rides a truck, because Dave needs a truck. He’s got big ass dirty hands and utilizes every inch of the vehicle. You? What’r you using that shiny Ford F-150 for? Oh right, to compensate for a void you can’t fill (sexually).

I am not here to demean all truck owners, I am here to demean the kid from the suburbs with a cubicle 9-5 who wants to ride my ass at an intersection, let me explain all of this in just a minute.

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