Thanks to Tristan Thompson, We’re Keeping Up with the Kardashians on a Whole New Level (Again)

Hello, everyone! Tristan Thompson is making me lose all hope in men forever. Does anyone else but me feel like those words keep being said with just a different name in front of the sentence? Ugh.

For those of you who don’t keep up with dire political news (joking), video surveillance from a hookah lounge in Washington, D.C. has recently surfaced, exposing NBA player Tristan Thompson cheating on his pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian.

Yes…he’s not dating any regular girl, he’s dating MF’ing Khloe Kardashian, who was infamously repeatedly cheated on by her ex-husband and former NBA star Lamar Odom. This girl is not having the best of luck, but this recent drama takes it to another level.


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Thompson was caught sneaking a girl into his hotel room and kissing her in a New York club this past Sunday while Khloe was in his hometown of Cleveland, literally in the hospital, about to give birth to their child. This man sucks.

Reportedly, Kris Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian clan are rushing over to Cleveland from Los Angeles ASAP to provide some support for their beloved KoKo. The reports say she’s been hysterically crying and begging her doctor to be flown back to L.A. to be with her friends and family and as far away from Thompson as possible. I don’t blame her.

Early this morning, TMZ reported that Khloe will be allowing Tristan in the delivery room because she doesn’t want, “her personal feelings to ruin one of the most important moments in a person’s life…the birth of a child.”

Girl, mega props to you for having that level of maturity and decency while days away from giving birth to your first child. If that were me, I’d probably throw my phone out the window, get a restraining order, take the baby, run away and hide forever.

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Posted three days ago before the drama fans are showing their support for Khloe and their anger at Tristan on the ‘gram.

And, because there is some justice in the world, Thompson was booed (only “lightly”, sadly) at last night’s Cavs game in Ohio. C’mon people, throw some tomatoes next time!

Khloe Kardashian, despite any sort of criticism she has ever received, in NO way deserves this. No one deserves it! She’s probably had the most tumultuous life out of all the Kardashians, and they’ve had a reality TV show for 10 years for a reason people, they’re dramatic. But they’re human, too.

And if you really want to go into the depths of this drama like I do, apparently Thompson pulled this same. exact. stunt. with his former girlfriend, Jordan Craig. He *allegedly* cheated on Jordan WITH Khloe WHILE Jordan was pregnant with her and Thompson’s child. Whew, that’s a mouthful. There’s very few details on the matter, so we’re all unsure as to if Khloe was aware she was the other woman, or if this even happened at all, but still.

To those of you saying Khloe, “should’ve been warned” since it happened before, SHUT UP. People are supposed to, and USUALLY DO, grow and change as people, and therefore do not make the same mistakes as before. Tristan sucks. And that’s the moral of the story. Cheating, especially on your pregnant girlfriend, is never ever justified. Even if it’s an endless cycle for him!

But you know what makes me feel better at the end of all of this? Is that there is nothing more painful, unpredictable and potentially career-threatening as that sweet, sweet Kris Jenner revenge. She’s inevitably going to make him pay for this. That woman works magic and his karma is going to be a bitch.


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