Savannah Guthrie Liked My Basic White Girl Tweet and My Life is Different Now

Sometimes you have to just give the people what they want to get a little love in this world, right? Especially on social media, where affirmation and positive reinforcement can and will get you all of the success in life you could possibly want.


Me, Savannah, Hoda and Craig. August 2017. I mean, I was in Dallas and they were in New York when this picture was taken but whatever.

So, that’s exactly what I’m going for –but it’s a long term plan, OK? By now, it’s no secret I am a Today Show super fan. I mean, I’ve got the coffee mug, I talked about my fandom in the Times Union’s “20 things you didn’t know about me” feature, was personally hurt by the Matt Lauer drama and even submitted myself into a contest to be Kathie Lee and Hoda’s biggest fan.

What’s next, you ask? Well, since I didn’t win the contest and therefore have not been officially recognized by NBC News as a potential replacement/third-string host by now, I sought instant gratification and tweeted at my BFF Savannah Guthrie with the most basic white girl tweet that would absolutely get her attention.

And oh boy, did Savannah take the bait. She took it RIGHT off the hook!


Just let that soak in for a second. Have I ever said, “giving me life,” EVER IN MY LIFE? No, only basic white girls do that. I literally don’t even know what it means but I knew it’s something basic white girls say, so pairing that phrase with a major compliment (most people never even notice someone’s new hair) I knew I was destined for success. A retweet was far-fetched, but I got that sweet, sweet favorite by the leading lady herself.

So yeah, did I stoop a little low to get instantly noticed by my future best friend/boss/whatever comes before a “successor?” Yes, absolutely. And now my life is COMPLETELY different because I have my recognition. Savannah knows I am a human in this world. A human who lives and breathes for her fresh highlights, awesome outfits and cheerful broadcasting.


I already submitted this new version of the dancing girls emoji to Savannah because it is obviously just so much more accurate than the cartoon version. I wonder what address I should send the “Best Friends” necklaces to…

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