Walmart Yodel Boy is set to Perform at Coachella


(TMZ) The kid who went viral for yodeling at a Walmart is about to take his act to the desert and, if the stars align, he’ll be performing at Coachella with Post Malone … TMZ has learned.

We’re told several other artists have reached out — including Posty — wanting to feature Mason’s yodeling magic during their Coachella set, but thanks to Ellen DeGeneres … he’s already booked at the Grand Ole Opry for Saturday … which is when the rapper’s scheduled.

Our sources say his team is still trying to make it happen with Post Malone, though … it will just have to wait until weekend #2 of the festival.

There are so many red flags from this whole shabang it’s alarming.

First off, I’ll say it, Lil Hank Williams is being catfished by America. He has no idea that he is nothing more than a meme, nobody making him go viral really likes his singing. It’s a hilarity that has probably transformed this kid and his family’s life and they don’t even know they’re the laughing stock of America right now. Give it three weeks after this Coachella set and this kid will be right back that same Wal-Mart trying to spark another viral video as his parents force him to be picture-perfect for social media.

Second of all, this kid is being pricked and prodded by his parents to maintain and social media presence no 11-year-old should be subject to. I guarantee you this video took 37 takes.

Now he’s accumulated a legitimate 15-minutes of fame, he’s hopped onto Ellen, performed a large concert at the same Wal-Mart which started it all, and even brought the 1949 Hank William’s “Lovesick Blues” back on the charts after 69 years. An impressive feat. nonetheless…

And now he’s set to perform in the pit of America. No, not New Jersey….Coachella.

Coachella is a two weekend festival of rich kids going all buttons deep for the sake of the Instagram. Of course adding yodel boy into the mix will make him an absolute phenomenon because everybody in attendance literally lives for the ‘gram, the only reason Yodel boy is famous to begin with.

It’s the perfect storm.

I don’t think lil Hank’s parents have even a damn CLUE what they’re getting themselves into sending their boy to Coachella. He’s gonna come back doin’ some sort of dab. I can’t wait to see how this pans out.

P.S. No matter what happens, the best thing to come of this is the EDM remixes. These things bump way more than I care to admit. On repeat…

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