If ‘SNL’ was Half as Long it Would be Twice as Good

I’ve reached my boiling point with my beloved Saturday Night Live.

As I loyal fan I DVR the show every week because I enjoy life too much to sit in on Saturday nights, but when I do get to watching it on Sunday, I rarely find myself committing to a full episode.


We’re in season 43 of what I will call the world’s most notable sketch show, and I feel like they still can’t quite figure it out. Try talking to anybody over the age of 50 and they’ll say something along the lines of “back in my day we would all watch it together at 11:30 on Saturday, but now it’s not as funny as it use to be.” Which I think is lingo for “we didn’t have DVR and now I can’t relate to twerking jokes” so take it with a grain of salt.

The show is still one of the funniest productions in late night TV and SNL holds its ground as the only live sketch show the airwaves has to offer. I don’t think it should go anywhere, I think it just needs to adjust and chop the dead weight.

The show has also taken a surprisingly far left stance which I think is losing some people. But with Trump at the helm, half the material basically writes itself, and who are they to turn it away.


It seems like every week they’re going through the same motion: A cold opening of Trump at some form of a press conference, a monologue of a host talking about they can’t believe they’re hosting SNL, and a killer opening skit right up the host’s wheelhouse. But after that the train goes off the track, weekly.

After 50% of the sketches on a weekly basis I find myself saying “…wow.”

As someone who’s in video production, I have a grasp on the time and effort that goes into writing, producing, shooting and editing a bit that inevitably leaves the audience saying “…wow.”

Not “WOW,” “…wow.”

The biggest concern is that somebody who makes millions in the business of comedy production green lights ideas that even the best cast of the most notable sketch show on earth can’t make funny.

The solution? Make SNL a half hour show. Cold open, monologue, two skits, a musical performance, weekend update, two more skits and you’re done. Boom, very little room for error. Then they can cut the dead weight off the cast and the 3-4 skits per episode that absolutely suck and you’ll be back to putting people’s butts in the seats for the live 11:30 show, just like the old days.

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