Introducing the Newest Member of the 2BD Squad – Vic Christopher

You may have seen him on 2BD before, and if you’ve been to Troy, you’ve probably patronized one of his restaurants or bars. Now we’re excited to officially introduce the newest member of the 2BD squad, Vic Christopher. 


Vic is a ball of energy who is credited for the resurgence of downtown Troy, and being the first patron of Uber in Upstate New York. With all the love in the world for upstate, you wouldn’t know he was born in Brooklyn if it wasn’t for his heavy accent, and livestream documentation of his homemade Italian meals with his Grandma back home.

Vic has worked for the Valleycats, the City of Troy, but really found his groove after co-founding The Clark House Hospitality, which operates Peck’s Arcade, Little Peck’s, Lucas Confectionery, Twenty-Two Second Street Wine Company and my personal favorite, The Bradley. 


Vic will be taking 2BD to a new level with his weekly show, “Upstate Old School” which drops this week. We’ll be hitting up the best old school joints Upstate, NY has to offer. We’re talkin’ restaurants, ice cream parlors, pizza joints, bars, anything that has been a staple for 25+ years, we will explore and bring to you in typical 2BD fashion.

The first episode will be from O’Scugnizzo’s of Utica, the second oldest pizza joint in America. Stay tuned. 


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  1. David Barton

    Have him travel to Binghamton for the oldest Irish Bar in Broome County the House of Reardons. Owner is Robert Norris


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