Marko’s Motivation Monday: Motion

It’s Marko’s Motivation Monday where I dish out some life advice so you can get your week started on the right foot. While on the topic, let’s talk about motion.


Today was a tough morning, everything in my body told me to stay in my bed. My warm, comforting, beautiful bed, where all my fears and insecurities linger on the outside like sharks circling a canoe, but in that bed, I’m safe.

I don’t want to leave that comfort zone, there’s so much to do, so much to take care of, so much business to handle. It’s MONDAY, and I just want to stay in my safe zone.

This turns into a visualization of a mountain. A mountain far too high to climb, and far too much of a mental burden to even consider. This is when its imperative to break the day down, take small steps, chip away.

There’s a story of a Navy Seal who fell off a cliffside, to find his legs broken and immobile, and needed to travel 2 miles to safety. Mentally, he couldn’t imagine completing such a task. Two miles? Broken legs? No shot.

This is when he utilized the power of the mind to travel distances unimaginable. He began to draw a line an arms-length ahead of him. All he had to do in that moment was get to that line. When he got there, he repeated the process until he eventually got himself to safety.

Your day seem easier yet?

All you have to do is chip away at the day. Stop looking at everything as a whole, and start breaking it down into small segments that you can accomplish one by one. The first one being stepping out of that bed and making your coffee. Or tea, I guess…

In fact, there is a great speech on the importance of small actions correlations with bigger goals. US Navy Admiral, William H. McRaven, delivers a speech about the importance of doing the little things like making your bed, embracing the fears of life, and changing the world for generations to come.

Think of what you can do in the immediate moment to contribute to your process of conquering the day. Embrace the small victories.

Trying to eat healthy? You don’t have to change your entire life today, try incorporating one healthy item into your day. Shit, maybe you screwed up and bought a doughnut this morning because the cashier at dunkin offered you some sprinkled seasonal form of premature diabetes. How about this. Don’t finish it. Leave a bite behind, consider that resistance a win toward your health.

You have a paper to write? Write two sentences, and boom you’re in motion.

The best things in life happen when momentum is on your side, but momentum isn’t possible without motion. Allow yourself to be in motion, don’t let life overwhelm you to the point you freeze. Millions of people are frozen, almost in a stage-fright trance to life, these are people, who if they choose to remain frozen and barely get by, will never optimize their potential. These are the people who will let their fears and insecurities encompass their existence.

The root of this is the fact that they never really started moving. They never felt the power and hope of building momentum.

A wise man once told me he makes a 3 task to-do list on a post it note every morning. He makes these tasks normative daily tasks, such as making the bed or making sure to clean his dish before he leaves. Just by actually seeing himself check off tasks on that list, his brain is now open to the possibility tasks can be completed. He enables his mind-state to embrace the small tasks he is executing, building his momentum to tackle larger ones.

Make a list today. 3 simple things, and check them off when completed.

It’s not always going to be a moment that calls for confetti and celebration, but never be afraid to acknowledge your small actions that contribute to your momentum. Pat yourself on the back, but keep moving…You haven’t done that much, but you at least did something. Know that, embrace that, and build on that.

Happy Monday. Go get ’em. 

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