Good Cause Alert: Albany Hockey’s Capital Cup For Kids Benefits the Ronald McDonald House in a Big Way

Since 2010, there has been a very special hockey tournament going on in Albany each year. A four team, 60-participant tournament has now turned into 20 teams and…well I can’t count that high but WAY more than 60 players.

The Capital Cup is one of the greatest events in the Capital Region and it starts this Saturday, April 28. Why is it so great? What is the purpose of this tournament, you ask? To help out some kids.


About This Year’s Event (via RMHC):

While it costs RMHC $80 per night to house each of our families, we never ask our families to pay for any of the services we provide. In an average year, RMHC provides over 5,300 room nights, which equates to $424,000 in direct expenses. 100% of the proceeds from the Capital Cup for Kids will be used to cover these rooming expenses as well as expenses that our families incur while dealing with the serious illness of a child.

These expenses range from much needed medication to gas for cars to get back and forth from hospital visits. We hope you can join us for a wonderful event of charity, friendship and hockey, by doing so, you will be part of a remarkable legacy of providing comfort, hope and love to seriously-ill children and their families.

If you can’t get behind and support an event that helps out misfortunate kids then I hope every pass from now until the end of your beer league career is a buddy pass. Yeah, that’s right, I went there.

Did I mention that every year this tournament gets bigger and bigger?

The Capital Cup for Kids is an adult hockey tournament that started in 2010 with four local teams and approximately 60 participants.  In 2011, the organizers brought the team captains together and asked them to make the event more than a good time on the ice and they discussed the concept of making it a charity event. It was decided that the event would benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Albany. In its first year as a charitable event, over $7,000 was raised. With the added value of “wish list” items donated, the value of all donations exceeded $10,000! 

And the rest is history. Starting this Saturday and going until May 6th, teams will be competing to not only win the tournament but to raise as much money as possible. Have you felt like making a difference lately? Do you have a spare $5 hanging around in your wallet? Let’s be honest, what is $5 going to get you anyways? A Snickers bar and a gatorade is probably like $5.27. You’re now 27 cents short and feeling crappy about yourself. You know who could use your $5? These kids, these kids could use it.

If you feel like helping out a great cause, click here and be sure to check out the website here. These guys not only set up a hell of a tournament but also make an impact on SO MANY young lives. #StickTaps for these players, organizers and for the Ronald McDonald House.

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