The Renaissance of Moombahton and its Maker Dillon Francis

It’s truly admirable how Dillon Francis has been able to stay relevant in the EDM music landscape for as long as he has. I was a senior in high school when his “Westside EP” first dropped and Moombahton was the fresh alternative to dubstep and trap. Merging afro-cuban rhythms with aggressive bass, the EP was my guilty pleasure and go-to when I DJ’d parties my freshman year of college.

Wait, for those of you who don’t know, Wikipedia can explain:

Moombahton, a musical genre, is a fusion genre of house music and reggaeton that was created by American DJ and producer Dave Nada in Washington, D.C., in 2009.

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Photo: @dillonfrancis (Instagram)

Unfortunately, the genre got overblown and overplayed over time, turning into a variation of itself that was less rhythmic and more EDM. Despite this, Francis adjusted to the changing landscape of the scene, and with good friend Diplo was able to stay relevant on Mad Decent by going back to his original roots of electro and deep house and releasing the hit “IDGAFOS.” He also was a character on Diplo’s Vice Series “What Would Diplo Do?” providing a comedic contrast to the show’s protagonist.

Francis is a hilarious personality on social media, especially his Instagram, which alternates between videos of shows and comedic snippets about songs. So, it caught my attention when he post a clip of his video for “We The Funk” featuring Fuego. It had the old school Moombahton rhythms, but featured more systematically placed bass than his earlier material. Once the song was released, I listened to it on Soundcloud and it surpassed my expectations.

My knowledge of Spanish may have dwindled since High School, but Fuego’s hook on the track is just a different kind of catchy. Even if you don’t know what “Lo mejor en el calle/Lo mejor en el party” means, the flow goes perfectly to Francis’ production, which is highlighted by a drop that you have no choice but to dance to whether you have rhythm or not.

It’s a nice introduction to the album Francis is preparing to release that sees him return to the genre he was coined as the pioneer of. “We The Funk” is the perfect middle ground of Reggaeton and house that had been missing for the past couple of years, and is easily a must-play at any summer party.

The second single, “Sexo” featuring Residente and iLe from Puerto Rico, shows the versatility that Francis is looking to bring back to the sound. While it has less of a club influence than “We The Funk” does, the playfully bouncy production Francis lays on the tracks works well with flow of Residente and the goofy, yet catchy chorus of iLe. When I first heard the song, I thought it was troll job by Francis, but then the chorus and the drop hit, and “Blam, Blam/What a bam-bam” proceed to be stuck in my head without me really having a say about it.

Although there is no set title or release date for the record, the release of these singles leads one to believe he would drop it in either May or June, right on time for the summer, festivals and parties.

So in the meantime, grab a Corona and Lime, sit back in a chair underneath the sun outside, and bob your head or dance to this genre of music you can’t really define or understand, but won’t be able to stop listening to.

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