Wal-Mart Yodel Boy is Back at it with a New Single, “Famous”


I touched on the 11-year-old Yodel Boy when his 15 minutes of fame rose him from the aisles of Wal-Mart to center stage of Coachella. I called it then and I’m sticking with it now, he’s a flash in the pan, a one-video wonder. He was cat-fished by the internet who thought his video was funny and now that he’s rode the press tour, the oil has settled and now he’s still a regular old country boy again but with manicured hair and a brand new single called “Famous.”


I’m not gonna lie and say this song isn’t mildy catchy. It is, I’ve listened to it twice. But it’s the same kind of catchy as Rebecca Black’s “Friday” or that other girl’s “My Jeans” video.

It’s children singing generic ass music manufactured to be a hit. Of course Yodel Boy is gonna be getting put through the ropes, but it’s a damn shame. From singing innocent classic country songs to belting out cocky love story lyrics.

Let’s ignore the fact the kid is 11-years-old and hasn’t even kissed a girl on the mouth yet (unconfirmed).

If Iím gonna be famous for somethiní
I wanna be famous for loviní you
If Iím gonna be known around the world
I wanna because of you, girl
Nothiní wrong with the center of attention
Long as Iím with you, I donít mind the pictures
If Iím gonna be famous for somethiní
Girl, I wanna be famous for loviní you
Famous for loviní you

You can bet when I hear, ďCongratulationsĒ
Want it to be because we made it
Another five years
Best thing I got is right here

Bruh. 5 years is the majority of your life, what do you know about 5 years? In 5 years you’ll be high school version of Yodel Boy going full Macaulay Culkin experiencing a life peaked too soon. You can’t be producing your first hit boasting about being famous, your jinxing the whole thing the same way every high school rapper does. Just because you’re on TV doesn’t mean people will care enough to buy your records in 6 months.

Either that or he’s gonna ride this Bieber style and be the next sensation. Who knows. This could be the threshold of me entering the “I don’t understand today’s music” if this kid makes it. If so, I’m ready to treasure my Blink-182 CD’s and complain about the radio for eternity.

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