Upstate Old School – Episode 1: O’Scugnizzo Pizzeria

Join us on our new series Upstate Old School where I’ll be exploring the coolest old school joints all around Upstate New York. This is the show that will prove to the world that there really is more to New York than Manhattan.

First stop is O’Scugnizzo Pizzeria in Utica, New York, the second oldest pizza place in America. And of course a trip to Utica isn’t complete without tasting New York’s best half moon pie.

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  1. Steve N.

    Vic might have a future in television. I’m serious.

  2. Daniel B.

    But a 10 out of 10? There’s a lot to love about this pizza, but I think to do it right you need to get the rectangular pies. My full thoughts (including pics of the pie I had at this regional legend) can be found here ->

  3. John

    Had the pleasure of having my pizzas made there by the son and grandson of the original Eugeno Burlino (Chops) and Steve respectively. They are consistently the same great tasting recipe. The crust on the small pie in particular leaves a resounding taste. You might want to try their bake at home pizza if they still offer it!


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