Gettin’ Fizzy With It: Polar Seltzer Announces Limited Edition Summer Flavor Lineup, Springing Us Straight Into Summer 2018

2BD - Polar Flavors_850x478 largeThis week it feels like spring has finally decided to break up with winter (it was time, he was holding her back, it was so obvious to everyone but her), and now she’s footloose and fancy free, single and ready to mingle with the rest of us warm-weather loving hunnies. 

But according to the Polar Selzter calendar, it’s already summer, because they just announced their limited edition summer 2018 lineup, so what better way to celebrate the long-awaited warmer temps and official start to uncuffing season than by poppin’ some bubbly –the non-alcoholic kind.

In the seltzer race, Polar is going hard, hooking people on bubbles right and left by constantly whipping up whimsical flavors, and thankfully their muscles aren’t tired from squeezing all that creative juice. This time, the limited edition seasonal collection includes three new flavors and two old favorites. The flavor combos have me drooling and already scheming up ways to up the ante and elevate these tasty bubbles to a refreshing summer mocktail or cocktail, depending on my mood (or the time of day).

“Customers can expect a “tartylicious” Pineapple Lemon Twist, a “delightfully bright” Mango Cherry Bliss, and a “seriously refreshing” Blueberry Tangerine. Rounding out the collection will be the “darling” Raspberry Rosé (a returning flavor from summer 2017), and the “forever irresistible” Cucumber Melon (coming back from summer 2013).”

I don’t know about you, but the Cucumber Melon seltzer and gin cocktail I’ll be sipping all summer long already has me feeling “forever irresistible.” I think a “dangerously delicious” Skinny Piña Colada (non-frozen) could easily be concocted with the Pineapple Lemon Twist flavor, and a pro tip for the returning champ Raspberry Rosé is to experiment with Nine Pin’s Limited Reserve Raspberry cider, vodka, and some frozen berries. Trust me.

Polar introduces a new set of limited edition flavors twice a year, and says on its website that its seasonal collections are a ‘Thank You’ to seltzer fans, who have been known to send the company, “passionate emails, tweets and posts about how certain flavors are life-changing.”

Literally, they casually mention, “It’s not unusual for us to hear about people traveling hours to get their hands on some, or hoard them once they learn we’ve stopped production.” Once a seltzer-fanatic falls in love with a flavor, all bets are off.  

2BD - Polar Seltzer_seasonal flavors screen shot

The limited edition summer flavors were officially released on May 1, but it appears that the delivery for ShopRite in Niskayuna has been lost (heisted?) in transport, because its shelves were without these fantastic flavors at 9 am today (I know, because I was there, in search of a killer display and to wipe the shelves clean). Same goes for the Wal-Mart SuperCenter in Glenville, but I was assured that they usually carry the seasonal flavors, so even though I struck out today, it was necessary recon.

While we can’t officially taste summer 2018 in the 518 just yet (let’s not forget Polar is New England’s Saratoga Spring Water, so they might snub us New Yorkers for a day or two), keep your eyes peeled for some summer sparkle coming to a shelf near you! Cheers!

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