Let’s be Honest, the Best Golfers Out There Aren’t Golfers, They’re Drinkers

Golf –it’s a gentlemenís game. A sport you play wearing a collared shirt tucked into slacks, a nice belt and some clean shoes. Itís a blue collar sport many wealthy businessmen play while making deals or rubbing elbows with politicians.


The game is as timeless as any, and so are the rules. Donít walk in front of a path on a green, donít talk during a backswing, no cell phones and never EVER talk smack. Because of course these behaviors are all impolite, and God forbid you offend anyone while chasing around a white ball that we spend all day swearing at.

And guess what? I bought into this mindset for years. I started golfing at the age of 12 and I was taught the etiquette by older men that had great respect for the game. Before I even swung a club, I was lectured about the intricate rules and the do’s and don’ts that didn’t make much sense at the time…and still kinda don’t.

So, over the years I took golf pretty seriously and spent a lot of time at country clubs and reputable courses not trying to get in people’s way and being very respectful.

I played about two or three times a week and was also on my high school team. I used to think that I had a bright future in golf, or at least had a good enough game to impress a future boss that wanted to take their top salesman out for a round.

Well yeah, that didn’t really last too long. Not too long after my days with the high school team I discovered something that paired well with the links. And that my friend was a nice 6-pack.


Suddenly it didn’t matter what score I had or how nice the course was. I just wanted to enjoy the weather and get a little buzzed. I also found out the best people to play golf with aren’t even golfers. They’re drinkers.

So I say as the golf season comes into bloom –throw caution to the wind, have a few beers and bond with your buddies. Because who really gives a shit what your score is by the end of the day. They only thing that I’m concerned about is catching a ride home from the course.

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