Minus the Drama: I Went to a Concert Alone and it Wasn’t That Bad

I recently attended Minus The Bear’s “Planet of Ice” 10th year anniversary tour at Irving Plaza in New York City. The Seattle Indie-Prog quartet has been one of my favorite bands since middle school, with “Planet of Ice” being one of my favorite records by the band along with its predecessor, “Menos el Oso.”

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After missing multiple opportunities to see the band live, I couldn’t pass this one up, but was torn on actually going because it would be alone. Did I plan on this happening originally? Not exactly…

While I was back upstate for spring break, I met up with a girl who was mutual friends with my best friend from their days in college. I mentioned how I was considering the show and she sold me on going because she was going with a “friend,” so I bought tickets for my roommate and I so we could meet up with her.

However, I found out later in the week that this “friend” was the dude she’s been seeing but didn’t tell me about. He found all my social media and started keeping tabs if we were talking, and it pretty much showed me that if I wanted to avoid drama and have the concert ruined, I probably shouldn’t talk or even be anywhere near her at the show.

To add insult to injury, my roommate decided to chill with who he started seeing as well and bailed too, so I boarded the Metro-North train that afternoon heading to Grand Central Terminal feeling a range of emotions, not knowing what to expect and if I’d feel awkward the whole time.


To my surprise, it actually wasn’t that bad, and if anything, I figured I could have even more fun just by myself. To keep away from the girl and her friends at the show, I kinda had to become part of the crowd. Before Minus the Bear started their set, I became acquainted with a producer who was using my vape as a cover in the venue to use his weed pen. We talked about the band as well as music and culture in general, exchanged numbers and could possibly collaborate in the future.

When the topic of legalization came up in regards to New York State, the dudes in front of us heard me mention upstate and asked how abundant growers were up there. We shared a laugh as Minus the Bear dove into their set, and they lit up a jay and passed it my way.

I was lost in the fog, the vapor, and the smoke as Minus the Bear absolutely killed it from start to finish. Between screaming lyrics and smiling non-stop, I saw how diverse the audience was in terms of age and demographic, and realized that it wasn’t worth it to waste a ticket and this opportunity because the original plans went awry.

It made me forget that she was all over him while she still made eyes at me, or how my roommate was unable to witness the greatness, because the performance and atmosphere of the show was that good.

So, if you’re ever in the situation that you end up attending a concert alone, don’t feel like it’s the end of the world. Get a sense of the venue and crowd, chill near people you feel are like-minded individuals and see what happens. Most importantly, enjoy what you came there for and appreciate the music above all else, because drama is temporary, but music is timeless.

And, if you need some new music to listen to, this band is definitely worth checking out (obviously).

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