The Awkward Moment on “Let’s Make a Deal” Was Way Too Real for Reality TV

The term “friendzone” has different definitions and meanings to everyone, but one thing that’s universally known is that when a friend zone moment occurs, it is never a fun experience.


I’ve lived through these moments more than enough times, so I know exactly what it feels like. The battle of anxiety before confronting the issue, the ensuing depression of having your fears proven true, and the desolation of knowing nothing will ever be the same between you and that person again.

A friendzone moment was displayed beautifully (or horribly, I guess) during Monday’s airing of Let’s Make a Deal hosted by Wayne Brady. Let me set the scene: Jessie and Steve had been selected for a prize, and when Brady asked them how long they’d been together, that’s when the awkwardness began.

Steve, who looked like an extra from ‘Seinfeld’, told Brady that they have been together for six months. Jessie’s response: “We’re friends.” Cue the awkward silence and the smile evaporating from Steve’s face, but she didn’t stop there, she was just getting started.

In a panicked attempt to save face, Steve pleaded for them to, “not talk about this in front of everyone” amidst Jessie’s incessant laughter, but it only made things worse for him as she hit him with the ‘bro hug’ and said, “We’re good friends, but he wants it…”

The looks from the audience said it all as Steve looked as if he wanted to shrink into himself and disappear from the globe while Jessie took hold of the mic to exclaim, “I’m single, guys!”

And of course this awkward interaction had given Brady more than enough ammunition for humorous quips, the highlight being, “I should give you both a thousand dollars since you’re not together,” at which Jessie gave an ugh as she had it in her head to take the money along with Steve’s heart, self-esteem, and pride. How  vicious can you get?!

In an ironic twist of faith, the pair won a paid trip to Mexico. Are they going separately or they going to deal with the awkward tension of going together after what went down? Who’s to say, but Brady was interviewed on Wednesday not only validating that what happened was real, but that Steve put this on himself by not locking the relationship down before the show.


Personally, I think Brady’s opinion is incredibly harsh. I felt like the two dudes in the back that were riding the range of emotions from the initial curve to her being upset about not getting all the cash. It was too real, too much, and Steve’s eyes began to water and his lips under his mustache began to turn into more of a frown, I saw myself in this and empathized with his pain.

Steve is in my thoughts and prayers, because after getting curved in such a nonchalant and very, very public way for all to see, I’d set my sights on becoming a hermit in a desolate part of the world never to be seen again.

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