Spotify Premium Members Get Deal of the Century With Option to Add Hulu for $0.99/Month

Calling all Spotify Premiums and Hulu Wannabes: Youíve got your music, now get your shows.

If youíre like me and rock a Spotify Premium account, but are desperately craving your very own Hulu account to add to your streaming entertainment buffett, thereís is a sweet deal, expiring today, which bundles three months of Hulu for $0.99/month!

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Initially, this deal is only available to current Spotify Premium customers, but the companies say everyone will be able to sign up for it sometime this summer.

Existing Spotify Premium customers can do a three-month trial of Hulu for an extra $0.99/month before deciding if they want to make a full switch to the $12.99 plan. The catch there is that the trial is only available to either brand new Hulu subscribers or those who cancelled at least 12 months ago. (it me.)†If your service went inactive anytime in the last year, you’ve gotta jump right to the $12.99 subscription, which is still a pretty good deal. (Spotify handles the billing for both services, if you were curious.)

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The main benefit is savings: Spotify Premium costs $9.99 monthly, and Hulu is $7.99. So youíre paying $4.99 less than you would if you subscribed to them separately. Thatís a deal for sure, even if itís not quite as amazing as the student package, which is $4.99-per-month for both services.

This bundle began as a student-only offer back in September, but now it’s being rolled out more widely. Now, of course us regular folks were never going to get this combo for such a cheap monthly rate, but there’s something to be said for simplifying things and putting two popular streaming services on one bill.

Iím gonna give it a shot! I’ll spend $2.97 to watch Season 2 of†The Handmaid’s Tale†and see what the Hulu experience is about for three months. Granted TV-time is pretty much non-existent during the summer, so I would have liked this offer more during winter’s hibernation, but a deal’s a deal, so I’ll take it and see how it goes. Under his eye.

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