‘Drums Along the Mohawk’ Has New Meaning in Schenectady This Summer at Mohawk Harbor

Schenectady’s long awaited answer to Albany’s Alive @ Five and Troy’s Rockin’ on the River is finally here: Capital Region, meet Harbor Jam.

2BD - Harbor Jam_Poster Feature

The stage is set for what’s ramping up to be an exciting summer along the Mohawk, with the 8-week free concert series kicking off on Saturday, June 23. Harbor Jam will amplify the harbor every Saturday at 6 PM during the 8-week run, so those of you who like to squeeze in your full dose of riverfront entertainment fear not: there’s plenty of days in the week to make the rounds and hit them all up.

Troy’s Riverfront Park is Rockin’ on Wednesdays, Jennings Landing in Albany comes Alive @ 5 on Thursdays, so I think Harbor Jam on Saturday night is a great call, Schenectady — why compete with what Troy and Albany already have going on? Don’t make the people choose!

Honestly, this set up is probably what Troy and Albany secretly wish they had: a beautiful outside amphitheater and a Druthers Brewing Company with its doors open and taps pouring right at the harbor, literally steps away from the stage – live music and good local beer, I can’t think of a better pairing.

It will be a sweet alternative to the sometimes otherwise quiet summer nights when the city’s empty because everyone’s in Saratoga or at the lake. Added bonus of the Saturday night schedule: attendees won’t have to fight a hangover at work the next day!

2BD - Harbor Jam_Mohawk Harbor re4orm

Mohawk Harbor | photo: courtesy of RE4ORM ARCHITECTURE

The lineup seems super cover-band heavy, but that’s Troy’s M.O., too, and it appears to be working for them, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Besides, the cover bands they book really are just so good, almost like the original, so at least you can dance and throw it back to the 70s, 80s, or other more fun/simpler times.

I think Alive @ Five books some bigger names, and/or more original acts than the cover band gigs, but variety is the spice of life, so I’m not complaining. Check out the line up! I’m pretty stoked for some Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, and Billy Joel, myself. And who can’t get enough Sir Elton John!?

2BD - Harbor Jam_lineup ALL

If you’re like, “Wow, sounds great, but Mohawk Harbor? Where the heck is that?” Have a look at the rendering of the full project below, created by project architect, Schenectady’s own RE4ORM Architecture. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a pretty dope concept and new community. Literally, it’s like a brand new neighborhood, standing proudly on what once was the old American Locomotive Plant. Talk about a Phoenix rising from the ashes, amirite?!

Music on the Hudson River in neighboring Albany and Troy is a sweet, sweet deal, one I have taken full advantage of many, many times; however, if you want to spread your wings and catch a summer concert from a different vantage point, then motor on over to the harbor and experience a new side of Schenectady.

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