So Long, Apartment 4D: The 10 Best New Girl Episodes

New Girl on FOX will air its final episode this week, giving me and all the rest of the fans out there some major feels that the end of an era is finally here. The show had an incredible 7 season run with an amazing cast, many celebrity guests along the way and some of the best one-liners on television today.


This show, for me, actually means a lot. There were always these major, real life parallels with the storyline and distinct memories associated with every episode. I remember being so excited for New Girl to air, I watched the pilot from my freshman dorm room and I can’t believe how that feels like yesterday and forever ago at the same time.


The gang is all grown up now ūüôĀ

So, in honor (or memory?) of the show ending, I’ve put together the 10 best episodes from New Girl history. And don’t worry, if you were behind the times and never watched, the entire series is on Netflix for you to binge and thank me later.

And of course it was extremely difficult to pick only 10, but this should be enough to reminisce upon or get geared up to check it out. So, in no particular order:

Season 1, Episode 4: Naked

If you have†watched New Girl, you’ll know one of the show’s biggest storylines is the love story of Nick and Jess, which before it was even a love story was just a lot of dorky sexual tension building up.

This was only the fourth episode in the entire series and the writers dove RIGHT into it when Jess accidentally saw Nick naked as he was preparing to go on one of his first dates after getting his heart broken from his last long term relationship. Of course, Jess’ model BFF Cece insured her the only way to forget about the event was to get even and let Nick see her naked and even more awkwardness ensued.

Jess, you can’t laugh at a naked man. And especially Nick. Nick is delicate. Like a flower. Like a chubby, damaged flower who hates himself.” -Schmidt

Season 1, Episode 7: Bells

There was one tiny goof in Season 1 of New Girl that had fans confused –and that was the fourth roommate Coach leaving after the pilot episode and being replaced by Winston. It didn’t totally make sense even though there was a storyline to back it up, but it took a while to get to know Winston as a character and understand why he came into the picture so abruptly.


As it would turn out, Winston is one of the whackiest characters in the whole show with the silliest, strangest personality that totally shook up the dynamic of the loft. In the Bells episode, we learned about one of his hidden talents…you guessed it, bells?! This was just the beginning of his quirkiness which you definitely see a lot more of later on.

It is not that hard. It is an instrument that a cat wears around its neck! -Winston

Season 2, Episode 15: Cooler

This was the episode we were all waiting for, the moment Nick and Jess would inevitably have their first kiss. And BOY there was a lot of buildup, but no fan could’ve predicted it would happen after an intense game of True American (one of the best reoccurring skits in the entire show). This kiss did not let any of us down, and neither did Nick wearing a woman’s trench coat all night leading up to it.



Holly: Nice coat you got there.

Nick: Well, I just actually wear it ’cause it gives me confidence.

Holly: That’s kind of sad.

Schmidt: You know what’s really sad is that he stole the jacket.

Nick: It’s not technically stealing.

Schmidt: He’s still reeling from being dumped. He’s attached to it. Like a little bitch “bwanky.”

Nick: It’s not like a blanky, dude.

Schmidt: It looks like a “bwanky.”

Season 2, Episode 18: Tinfinity

Schmidt’s quirkiness and metrosexuality is a longstanding source of entertainment on the show, but at the end of the day even though he’s so weird and so over the top, he really cares about the people in his life –especially ol’ Nick Miller.


Tinfinity†is the theme of the party Schmidt throws to celebrate 10 years of being adult roommates with Nick. And while Schmidt is in charge of the theme and nearly all of the party planning, it’s up to Nick to source a port-a-potty for their guests to use. Is Tinfinity an absolutely ridiculous thing to celebrate? Yes. But it is hilarious.

ďHis hands are so big and warm, I wanna fall asleep in them like Thumbelina.Ē -Nick

Season 3, Episode 6: Keaton

There was nothing better than the entire cast being heavily involved in one episode, and Halloween was a seasonal bit for NG with the Keaton episode taking the cake for the best Halloween episode overall.

All I need to say about this one is:

“And it was you, not Keaton, who told me that women aren’t attracted to men who wear maternity pants?” -Schmidt

Season 3, Episode 14: Prince

I don’t remember if this was the best†episode ever, but it has become a truly iconic one for the cast and for the series as whole. This episode was broadcast immediately following the Super Bowl, which is a pretty big deal in itself, but even BIGGER that Prince was a guest star.

Prince (RIP) was such a legend, and I couldn’t believe he agreed to be on what I thought was a show with a pretty small, niche audience (even though obviously it was quite popular). I’m sure the entire cast has very fond memories of working with him so soon before his life tragically ended.


“Nick, I never thought I’d say this, but I need to be alone with Prince.” -Jess

Season 4, Episode 5: Landline

By Season 4, Coach is back in the picture and has a job at the school where Jess works, which adds a whole extra layer of drama and you guessed it, more sexual tension as Coach tried to get his game on at the school while embarrassing Jess and not following her rules.

Nick is at home learning how to become a secretary and is loving listening to everyone’s messages and reporting back on what the loft members missed while they were out and about.

Jess: ďSometimes itís hard to control your feelings, which I demonstrated by grabbing a manís dujeels in front of the entire faculty.Ē

Coach: ďWell Iím sorry for putting you in a position to grab that manís dujeels. I donít like saying dujeels. Itís weird. I call mine my Sam Jackson Ďcause itís in everything.Ē

Season 4, Episode 14: Swuit


Who doesn’t love a little Shark Tank type of creativity from the Nick and Schmidt tandem? The Swuit was a brilliant invention that just needed the picture perfect business pitch to get it off the ground, which couldn’t be possible without a little extra help from Miss Jessica Day.

“Friends, imagine yourself in this scenario. You’re at the local gymnasia. Oh… You’re†schvitzing†up a storm. Suddenly, you get a text message. There’s an emergency wedding down at the town hall. But what’ll I wear? I mean, I’m sweating at the gym. Huh, I don’t know what’s going on. I love this. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you… Game time. The Swuit!” -Schmidt

Season 5, Episode 22: Wedding Eve/Landing Gear

It wouldn’t be a proper series recap without shining some spotlight on the only main character who’s not a roommate, and that’s Cece. She started off as a party girl model who was the totally opposite of her BFF Jess. She hated Jess’ roommates because they all tried to hit on her and obviously felt she was so much better than them.

But, wouldn’t ya know she ends up with Schmidt for real in one of the best episodes (the Season 5 finale) of the entire show. Cece and Schmidt’s wedding episode was packed with drama and suspense as Schmidt was stuck on a plane coming back from trying to get Cece’s mom to come to the wedding (even though she was already there).


I was CRYING LIKE A BABY in this episode and I don’t even remember all of it, I just know it was really freakin’ good.

Nick: Dude, Schmidt lost his vows.
Winston: For the wedding?
Schmidt: No. Different vows.†
Winston: Oh, then what’s the big deal?
Schmidt: What is wrong with you people?


Season 6, Episode 11: Raisin’s Back

There’s not enough time to shout out all of the celebrity guests that made appearances on New Girl, from Prince to Justin Long to Clayton Kershaw to Dermot Mulroney (OK, I shouted out a few). But Megan Fox was obviously the hottest guest of them all, and she had a pretty good run on the show as Nick’s girlfriend, Reagan.

Season 6 wasn’t NG’s best and they were left wondering by the end if it would get renewed for Season 7, but Raisin’s Back was nearing the turning point where Jess needed to tell Nick how she felt (again)†and fans were left wondering if we’d ever get the happy ending we all so desperately wanted from the two of them when Reagan moves into the loft.

Yeah, well, I travel light… which is lucky for me, because the only way I could get here from the airport was to split a cab with a lady who was eating a sub from the middle. -Reagan

Well, almost a decade later, it’s time to say goodbye to my favorite roommates who in Season 7 have moved on into their adult lives and are finally†starting to figure things out. Like I said, this is definitely a sitcom worth catching up on and rewatching again to make sure you’ve heard every single amazing one-liner that is sure to make you LOL for years to come.

See ya later, Apartment 4D. I’ll miss you!


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