Get High at Union College Tonight and Catch a Rare Free Screening of “The 46ers” Film with Director Blake Cortright

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Photo: “The 46ers” Film Facebook Page

Attention all BarkEaters, Adirondack junkies, and accomplished or aspiring 46ers — if you don’t have plans tonight, hightail it over to Union College in Schenectady for a super special FREE screening of “The 46ers”, a film by Blake Cortright, Capital Region-native and 46er extraordinaire.

Not only can you watch this elusive masterpiece uninterrupted, but the director himself will be on hand to introduce the film and do an Q&A. Check out the Facebook event for all the deets here


Catching this film sometimes feels like searching for a needle in a haystack (haha- Haystack is 46er #3 at 4960′), because it’s right now it’s pretty much only shown on an odd-ball WMHT viewing schedule — I should know, because I got all giddy when it aired on our local WMHT channel for the first time back in December 2017 and told you all about it here.

In a nutshell, “The 46ers” is a feature film that, “captures the imagination and inspiration of those who know scaling the 46 Adirondack Mountain High Peaks in northern New York State as a life-changing experience.

The film explores the history of the men and women of the 46ers, a group that supports the hiking and preservation of the high peaks through all seasons.

As spectacular as the vistas are as seen atop the High Peaks including Marcy, Cascade and Porter, so are the stories of individuals who embark on this incredible and sometimes treacherous journey. What makes them climb? What keeps them coming back year after year?”

Sure, you might not be able to get as comfortable as you would watching it at home (while casual, I assume wearing pants is an unspoken requirement of the event’s dress code), but catching tonight’s screening at Union College will allow you to bypass two lengthy “commercial breaks,” that would otherwise roadblock your viewing (that’s what DVRs are for), or making a pricy donation to PBS and purchasing a DVD or Blu Ray (I’m all for supporting the arts, but who purchases those things anymore?).

Not to mention the added, extremely rare bonus of the director being present, willing and able to answer any question you might have on the film, his 46er journey, or perhaps the Adirondacks in general, so I can’t stress enough what an incredible opportunity this is.

Don’t be shy – let me know if you’re gonna check it out, too! If the doors open at 6:30 pm, you best believe I’m going to be scoping things out as early as 5/5:30 — I want the best seat in the house for an incredible bird’s eye view of one of my favorite places. I highly recommend you do the same, I’m not mountain lyin’.

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