Taylor is in England Covering the Royal Wedding and I Think It’s Getting to Her Head

For those who didn’t see the announcement this morning, Taylor is Windsor, England for some exclusive 2BD coverage of the Royal Wedding and to attempt to crash the damn thing. Also to visit her Aunt, but mostly to try and crash the Royal Wedding. But now I think it’s getting to her head.

This is 2BD’s first international trip so it’s a big deal. It makes us feel like a real company with real money doing real things. And what’s more real than the royal family? According the Taylor, nothing. So it’s a good thing we sent her because my feelings differ, but that’s beside the point.

When we realized Taylor could be in Windsor during THE Royal Wedding, we had no choice but to have her go all in and try and crash it. It’s our job to give you guys insight into stuff like this because we’re not sure if other networks will be covering it or not.

With Taylor gone, I have taken over the helm as editor here at Two Buttons Deep, so please pardon every spelling error you will see until Tuesday because it’s all my fault. This isn’t my game. I run the video part of 2BD and grammar has forever been my kryptonite. But anyways, that’s not the real issue. The real issue is that Taylor has been in royal territory for 12 hours and it’s already rubbing off on her and I’m not sure what to do about it.

It’s no secret that Taylor can be a diva. She spends more money on clothes than I have on anything in the last five years and her claim to fame is never once repeating an outfit. To me that’s looney tunes. A third of my closet is stuff I wore in high school and buying anything above $40 ruins my day. My point is that Taylor cares about her appearance far more than me or the average American. 

So this morning Taylor sent me two photos of herself at the airport for me to post and make the announcement of this trip. I was in a hurry so I picked what I thought was the better of the two and posted it…Boy was I wrong. I could FEEL the heat in my phone as she sent fiery text messages about her displeasure. What did I do wrong?

I posted the wrong picture. 



Is it possible for two co-founders to split up because of a wrong picture posted to Instagram? Asking for myself.

Full disclosure: she did request I post the selfie. But I only read the first line as “if you love me you will choose one.” And so I did.


Like I said, grammar isn’t my thing AND I was in a rush. It’s a simple mistake. Things like this happen to normal people, but you know what? They definitely don’t happen to princesses. And that’s exactly what’s happening here. Taylor’s passion for excellence is merging with the royalties of royalness and it’s completely getting to her head. I think she’s actually starting to think she’s a princess.

Maybe this assignment was meant to be all along. Maybe she’s meant to get in to the wedding, rub elbows with the Queen and bond about expensive fashion trends before finding a prince charming who wouldn’t ever post the wrong picture. I sure hope she does, because if she comes back to Upstate with this new royal attitude I won’t ever live it down…

Only time will tell. Follow her journey right here on the blog to find out.

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