Taylor Does the Royal Wedding: Day 1

Well, gang. Coming to you here from just outside of London, England and currently writing on about four and a half hours of plane sleep so stick with me here.

By now, you know I’ve been asked by the 2BD Squad to cover the Royal Wedding that’s happening hear right near my mom’s hometown in Windsor. Yes, my mom was born in the UK and I still have family who lives here, so I’ve got a one up on the other tourists who are here to witness this major day in history.

Jack has already put me on blast for being a diva (it’s OK, you can agree I DO look unnecessarily wide in the pic –that’s the problem with wearing a fully-patterned jumpsuit and skipping a few days at Metabolic during this trip), but it’s all in good fun as I know I will be better dressed and less jetlagged by the time this whole wedding thing goes down.


So, anyway, back to my first day here. We kept it pretty low key and chatted about the wedding on the way back from the airport, and my fabulous host AKA my Aunt Lisa offered to take us through Windsor to see just how crazy things have already started to get there –she literally works right across the street from the Castle.

BUT yesterday was the wedding rehearsal, which meant streets would mostly already be blocked off and the news crews officially making their home somewhere within the tiny, bendy roads of Windsor. Here’s a little insight into the madness via another one of my family members who did make it into town yesterday:


No sure what’s up with the massive Canadian flag?


The Union Jack flag seems to be the most popular way to decorate at the moment.

Like I said, my British family is quite familiar with this part of England as it’s one of the more historic areas outside of London and basically right in their backyard. And, if you remember my fun fact from my 20 things you didn’t know about me bit, my great grandfather Wally was quite friendly with the Queen and he had a part of the Royal Cricket Club’s scoreboard dedicated in his name when he passed away at age 96.


The Queen (middle) and my great Granddad (last one on the right, bottom row)

So, I haven’t fully formulated a game plan for how I am going to crash this wedding, but I will be overcoming the 5-hour time difference today and then waking up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning to go to the Long Walk in Windsor where people will line the streets and hope to catch a glimpse of Harry and Meghan as they make a route around town, waving to the crowds after they tie the knot.


IMG_2712 (1).jpg

Seen in Windsor (No, my family isn’t THAT weird)


Today, I will head into London for the day (about a 25-minute train ride on a high speed train that puts the Amtrak to absolute shame), and I expect to see plenty of Harry and Meghan memorabilia, tourists with selfie sticks, people on the street being interviewed about the pre-wedding buzz in the air and all other kinds of fun stuff. 

You can stay updated on my travels here on the 2BD blog, my personal Insta @whodatgirl_trao and also via Instagram Story for when I see something that I want you guys to experience with me in real time.



Hangin’ with my squad


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