The 518 Day Block Party is Stacked with Local Talent

Today on 5/18, artists of the 518 will be performing at Island Creek Park in Albany for a showcase of some of the 518s best musical talent.


This area has an up and coming music scene the world has yet to see, and when you really look at some of the numbers and attention gravitating towards some of our artists it becomes more evident than ever something is happening on the home front. No longer are we sacrificing great individuals to the meat grinder of NYC, but instead, we are embracing them at home in order to help them develop their foundation before they go global.

Mark my words, the 3 performances from Troy natives you see tonight are 3 artists that will be performing for thousands in music halls around the 518, and eventually, the entire country.

There are other artists from the area performing at the 518 Island Park block party tonight from other areas, like P. Muna, but I don’t really know P Muna, but he’s dope no doubt,. I’m just more familiar with the 3 artists from Troy and would like to highlight them real quick.

It’s officially 518 day.

First up we have Selli Paper.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 10.43.05 AM.png

Selli paper was Troy’s premier artist a little while back (2011ish) and unlike other artists that might fall off after forcibly being removed from the music scene, Selli has reappeared and never skipped a beat. He recently just dropped a banger with Brooklyn’s own “Jay Critch” entitled “Friends” that has gained the attention of thousands, and soon to be millions after he drops the visual for the song. Selli is known for his high energy performances and soul scratching message, one that comes straight from his heart and is a story of pure struggle and hustle. Selli is a reserved man off the stage, quiet and kind, but when he hits that stage or recording booth he transforms into a force that will not be ignored. Selli is going to make you appreciate his talent whether you choose to ride with him or not, and it’s that energy alone that makes me appreciate him.

Next up

Suave The Don


Suave the Don has a knack for making them catchy hooks you can’t help but repeat to yourself over and over. He has racked up respectable listens throughout his career but after dropping his summer project and single “Heat” he hit that next level of recognition. You can go to almost any high school or college throughout the area and you will meet someone who can repeat Suaves lyrics word for word. Shit, my little cousins and students knows some of his songs. Outside of this clout, Suaves Music can be appreciated and enjoyed by people of all ages. He’s truly a gifted lyricist, uniquely tying words together to fit his sound and simultaneously flowing in a way that is easy to sing a long to. Suaves work ethic and strategic drops have gotten him to the level he’s at and will guide him to those he continues to rise to.

Johnny 2 Phones


I know Johnny on a less personal level, but being a fellow SUNY Oneonta alumni and avid supporter of Troys music scene, I was able to learn about and appreciate his charismatic style since one of his legendary college drops “The O.” This song swept through SUCO like Ebola, and is no doubt the unofficial (and more popular) anthem of the university. I’ve met and seen Johnny perform on a couple occasions and I can’t reiterate enough my appreciation for his charisma. This is a kid who engages with the crowd and people around him effortlessly, all the while keeping a big smile on his face. He’s happy to be doing what he’s doing, and it shows; that’s something everyone can relate to and something I believe is his cornerstone for formatting his success. His recent drop Gelato, featuring Suave The Don is hit the internet like wildfire, getting over 10,000 plays in under a day. Anyone gaining that type of response from Troy is someone we should support and want to flourish.

Speaking of supporting local art, the showcase will be hosted by one of Upstates most popular, and Albany’s own DJ TGIF. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 10.50.45 AM.png

I can’t give DJ TGIF enough credit for opening his arms and embracing a young up and coming music scene. He is someone who genuinely wants to see local artists flourish, which is nice to see because the music scene has this shitty tendency to try and kick the younger guys down when they’re on the rise. No bueno, take notes from Craig and give these kids the recognition they deserve.

You can catch me here tonight, come up and say hi, ask for a 2BD sticker, whatever. I’m here supporting the culture like you too, so we have something in common.

And it’s Friday too, cheers.

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