Taylor’s Official Royal Wedding Recap

Well, what a wild few days it has been. Yesterday was the Royal Wedding and I promised I’d try and crash the party, didn’t I? And I did just that.

Sadly, with all the crowds in Windsor for the festivities, I wasn’t able to post too many updates along the way. Ya know, it’s like July 4th at the Clifton Park Commons. But honestly I was going Two Buttons Deep so it’s probably for the better that I write this now after I’ve had enough water and some time to let things really soak in.


So, what was it like? After an eventful and tiring day in London on Friday, my aunt reminded us around 11 p.m. that to make it to Windsor before the first trains started arriving with the crowds, we’d have to leave the house by 5:15 the next morning. Woof.

The thought of getting up that early was of course sickening, but the buzz around town was too exciting to waste an opportunity to be part of the fun. So, just like that the 4 o’clock alarm was set and we were getting ready to go. Luckily in England this time of year it’s somehow light out at 9 p.m. and light again at 4 a.m. so it wasn’t that terrible.

What was terrible about this early morning adventure and the inevitably long day ahead was that I did NOT dress the way I would’ve liked to dress if I was going to properly crash a wedding.

After the whole photo debacle with Jack earlier this week, I wanted to be lookin’ good for photo opps but it was just not doable. Long story short I wore jeans and sneakers to the Royal Wedding and even left the house with wet hair which I have literally never done in my whole life but hey this was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of day. Moving on.

IMG_2925 (1)

Not the outfit I dreamed of wearing to the Royal Wedding, but whatever…

I think the best way to do this is to break it down now that I’ve experienced everything in person and had time to catch up on all the news coverage of it that you guys got to see, which in some ways is just as cool if not cooler than being there IRL. Let me explain.

The atmosphere

This is the one thing that obviously will always be better than anything you can ever see on TV. I love to people watch everywhere I go, and to see the people all show up for this event at a crazy hour of the morning and to stick around all day was pretty incredible. Windsor is a beautiful little town with tiny streets, wonderful shopping and restaurants and then there’s just this great big castle right in the middle of it.

The fact that this place could even hold the amount of spectators was impressive, but the vibe was so happy and energetic, especially with the beautiful weather –very unusual for the rainiest place ever.


We got dropped off in Eton (a famous school for young boys, Prince William and Harry  went there), and walked right up past the castle to start the day and head to the Long Walk where my aunt planned on watching the event and waiting to see Meghan and Harry pass by to wave to the people. I loved the downtown atmosphere but it would’ve been impossible to stand there all day and honestly looking at the Castle for 8 hours probably wouldn’t have been that cool.

The Long Walk is literally just a…long walk with a path in the middle and either side was lined with the crowds of people who wanted to catch a glimpse. There was plenty of food vendors, screens to watch the ceremony and port-a-potties for everyone to camp out, but my Mom and I just weren’t into sitting there all day so about 30 minutes into it we got up and decided to do some more exploring.

Atmosphere ranked a 10 out of 10, though. People were wearing ridiculous outfits, were waving flags and being so patriotic. I couldn’t help but think how there really is nothing in America we could compare this to. It’s so unique, so historical, so wild! Just wild.

Long Walk

The Long Walk (Photo: Getty Images)

Everyone was so nice, from the other American tourists (trust me, I was trying to be pretty undercover and let the fanatics really stand out), to the news and camera crews who were happy to talk to you and give you the scoop. The British people were proud and excited and thrilled to accommodate so many people from all over the world.

The dress

As you might’ve seen on our 2BD Instagram story, I was pretty shocked when I first saw Meghan Markle’s dress. But, after further review, I have slightly revised my hot take. But of course there’s a backstory.


My first look at the dress…hence the gut reaction.

Since we didn’t want to sit on the Long Walk all day, we got up and walked every corner of Windsor. The shops and bars were open, and when my Mom and I vacation together, those are the only two things we need to have a good time. We did attempt to make it back in time to see Meghan drive by and to watch the ceremony, but by then we were way too far away and they’d already blocked off more people going into that area.

So yeah, we missed the wedding. I was in an antique shop looking over on their computer screen that was streaming the ceremony and that’s where I got my first look at the highly-anticipated dress. Not ideal.

The truth is Meghan Markle is a gorgeous girl and she was bound to look stunning in whatever she showed up in. BUT, the dress did not look like it fit properly, and while I love simplicity, I think there was a wow factor missing, especially at first glance.


THIS is the wow moment we were looking for. (Photo: Getty Images)

I know people were upset about her piece of hair that fell out of place, too, so we were all getting caught up in the details. But it wasn’t until I saw the zoomed-out photos and videos of the veil and everything all put together that I completely understood how great she did look. The dramatic veil with the AMAZING floral installation on the outside and inside of the church was jaw dropping.

Prince Harry’s outfit was also pretty sharp and I’m glad he remained a rebel and didn’t shave his beard. Most of the guest’s outfits you could take or leave but overall everything was very bright, colorful and perfect for the occasion. And for the record, Meghan’s second dress was way better than the first.

The ceremony

This is the part where everyone who wasn’t crazy enough to be there in person has an advantage. I missed the first look, the entire ceremony, the view of the horse and carriage ride and all of the news commentary along the way. I would argue that’s some of the best stuff –seeing the bride and groom’s up close expressions and trying to read their lips on TV, listening to my Today Show peeps talk about it and being able to see in real-time all of the reactions on social media.


I was pretty disappointed I couldn’t see my TODAY friends.

Of course I was able to catch up on it the next day so it’s really NBD, but the way the media presents an event so grand as this is something very cool to see. My experiences and memories are all going to be stored within me for years to come and it probably won’t sink in for a while that it was something I got to do. But, as with any wedding ever, it’s so much hype and preparation for one day. And now that it’s over, we’ve all moved on to the next big thing.


The next time there’s a Royal Wedding we will be going squad deep like this.

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