I Have a LOT of Questions About the Magical Mystery Tour of the Dutch Udder’s 200-Year-Old Bench

A feel-good story is the cherry on top of any week, so why not start this one with a sundae full of sweet vibes, sprinkled with a very happy ending. 

A lovely bench sitting outside Troy’s favorite craft ice creamery played the part of the lovely assistant to a magic trick and starred in disappearing act Saturday night, as it was here one minute, and gone the next.

2BD - Dutch Udder bench_facebook

Photo: courtesy of The Dutch Udder’s Facebook Page

Made by a family member from 200-year-old barn wood, the bench saw a new 21st century life on River Street, encouraging weary bones to pop a squat and providing a resting place to enjoy a couple of scoops on a midsummer night. The meaningful and unique, “housewarming gift,” was bestowed upon The Dutch Udder when they finally planted some permanent roots and opened their shop in Troy last year.

Sunday morning, The Dutch Udder posted some utterly sad news and a plea for help on their Facebook Page and Instagram account.

2BD - The Dutch Udder_Instagram 1

Everyone seemed to be up in arms over this overnight thievery, with the ice cream community rallying around the missing bench and sharing the Facebook Post 459 times. I especially can relate to Shawn’s sentiments towards the culprits, I feel you, girl:

2BD - The Dutch Udder_Facebook comment 2

However, all’s well that ends well, as the mystery tour came to a halt Monday morning, when the bench was discovered in the Uncle Sam Garage riding the elevator by an unassuming citizen on her way to work.


2BD - Dutch Udder Bench_Facebook Melissa 12BD - Dutch Udder Bench_Facebook Melissa 22BD - Dutch Udder Bench_Facebook Melissa 3

The Uncle Sam Parking Garage is exactly one block away from The Dutch Udder, and I have some questions: was this a dare? An RPI graduation prank? Some vigilante justice sparked by an ice cream snob who didn’t get the sprinkles they asked for? I’m not sure we’ll really ever know. An elevator is a strange place to abandon hot property, then again, maybe the rookie thieves just got spooked and fled the scene, or experienced a change of heart in a really big way.

2BD - The Dutch Udder_Instagram 2

I was disappointed to learn the bench wasn’t returned by the vigilantes after all; instead it was found riding in an elevator, but whether they had a change of heart, or had to abort the unsavory mission due to unforeseen circumstances, this story still has a very happy ending.

At the end of the day, all that matters is the 200-year-old barn wood housewarming bench is back where it belongs. Major props to the social media community for, “Band of Brothering,” it and helping to bring the beloved seat home.

I’m most impressed with The Dutch Udder’s attitude: not so negative, considering they had an irreplaceable piece of property stolen from them. You can feel the sheer joy when reading their celebratory comments about the bench’s homecoming, no finger-pointing or name-calling, just genuinely happy vibes with a swirl of optimism and gratitude. That should be the flavor of the week.

I wonder what security measures The Dutch Udder will take moving forward: Will they chain up this bad boy, or bring it inside when the shop is closed? Perhaps their restored faith in humanity warrants a chain-free life for the 19th Century seat? Whatever they decide to do, this bench was mint to be theirs.

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