If You’re Not in Love with Shawn Mendes, You Will Probably Never Know What Love Feels Like

Does that title seem a little aggressive? Hell yeah it does. But it’s true, so like, whatever.

I’m fully admitting right now that I have been totally sleeping on one of pop culture’s Top 40 heartthrobs for a while; I know Shawn Mendes ain’t new on the scene. But MY GOODNESS does it feel good to realize I, and everyone else in the world, boys and girls, women and men alike, are in love with him.


Photo: telegraph.co.uk

His first hit “Stitches” was certainly a banger, but he was just a kid then (yes, you deserve to be depressed as I am to find out he’s only 19 and far more talented than any of us average millennials will ever be)but it’s his new album set to release this week and rumors that he’s dating Hailey Baldwin that have really flung him into the bigger spotlight.


Photo: Getty Images (as featured on bustle.com)

The pair showed up to the Met Gala looking like Hollywood’s newest dream couple, and I can definitively say after listening to “Lost in Japan” like 15 times in the car with Jack yesterday that it could be the song of the summer.

Jack was dancing WAY more than he appears to be in this video, but in his defense he had to focus as we drove through the winding hills on a gorgeous day to get to our first location for Nobody Asked Me, But…Season 2.

Not only does Shawn Mendes has the looks, and yes, several male sources have also confirmed their guy-crushes on him, too, but his newest music has him getting compared to the now old-school greats like John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Justin Timberlake (for the record, I think I’m the only one who made the JT comparison).

I was surprised to read this article from the New York Times, reviewing his new album as a bit of a downfall, claiming Mendes is becoming more unoriginal as he collaborates (and emulates) a lot of the popular celebrities he teams up with for the album.

But guess what? Sometimes you gotta give the people what they want. On any regular day, you can find my Spotify queue filled with Indie artists you’ve probably never heard of (not in the hipster way, it’s just the truth), but sometimes, especially in the summer when it’s magic hour with the windows down, you wanna jam out to some Top 40 hits from a handsome, talented 19-year-old and sing/dance your heart out. Shawn Mendes knows what the people want!

So go on, listen to this new hit and love him. Love him with your whole heart. Because only when you love Shawn Mendes will you know what true love is like. This is a no-judgement zone.

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