Nigeria’s 2018 World Cup Kit is Literally Flames

Soccer’s (AKA football everywhere else but America) biggest tournament takes place next month in the form of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Although the United States failed to qualify, the tournament still features many world talents playing for their country including Mo Salah, Christiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi.

Many of the participating countries have revealed released their kits (uniforms) for the competition. While countries like Germany, France and Portugal have taken a subtle approach to their kits that can be viewed as underwhelming, the most stunning kit that has been revealed so far hails from Nigeria.

Yes, Nigeria.


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The Super-Eagles made their first true World Cup breakthrough in 1994 reaching the 16th round of the tournament. Their jersey back then was the trademark green of their national flag with white sleeves that featured a black eagle feather design. It was 90’s, unique, and original.

Nike paid homage to this design for their 2018 kit, but took it a step further. This year’s kit features a striking, chevron feather pattern that not only is on the sleeves like in 1994, but runs throughout the jersey, alternating between green and white.

It’s bold, striking, and honors Nigeria’s history and culture. You can opt to get just the jersey, but you also have the option of going for the Zebra chevron tracksuit, the floral tracksuit and the floral pants. You got options with this collection, and every one is a good move.

The kit already has 3 million pre-orders, and I’m kicking myself that I wasn’t one of them because this collection is fresh to death. If you’re trying to stunt at Wolff’s Biergarten during the World Cup this summer, rocking these threads will definitely turn heads and draw attention. So take a shot on goal, put this kit at the top of your list, and try and cop it before the middle of June hits so you can soar like a Super Eagle this summer.


Photo: Wolff’s Biergarten

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