Elon Musk Proposed a Business Idea That a Startup in Troy Has Already Been Working on for Years…Collab?

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Yesterday, Elon Musk took to his 21 million Twitter followers to casually brainstorm ideas for his new company. 

I’ll ignore the fact Pravda is the Russian word for “truth” which would create an automatic layer of skepticism due to the political climate, and I’ll agree with the fact this is a great idea. The world needs this because our other world (the internet) has been infiltrated by fake news.

Even the people agree it’s a good idea, and who wouldn’t? Fake news is bad news. But you know else agrees it’s a good idea? My buddy Richard Zack, founder of Our.News, a startup doing literally the exact same thing as Musk’s proposition. 

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2BD works out of the Troy Innovation Garage, a hotspot for startups in the region to get on their feet before launching to the moon. One company we often bump elbows with is Our.News, a startup set out to combat misinformation through transparency and user participation.

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Nobody works harder than Our.News founder and CEO, Richard Zack. He’s at every local event, pitch and meeting known to man pushing this concept. He’s so passionate about his idea that I’m sure he overwhelms people with it, but that’s just being a true entrepreneur. He’s outgrown this area before he’s outgrown this area, he’s ready to take this to the top and all he needs is a friend who is worth maybe $13 billion give or take.

Elon. it’s time to collab with someone as passionate as you to stop the fake news epidemic. Zack is ready to take this to the moon and I feel like you’d be on board with that too.

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